Saturday, August 31, 2013


Saturday has arrived, and it is the Labor day weekend. I have the whole weekend off not including Monday to do as I please. I love having weekends off and working the same hours Monday through Friday, it is this routine that makes it possible for me to continue on and be successful in my My Change For A Ten Quest, and I am very grateful for that and to the managers where I work that are kind enough to give me the schedule that works for my new fit lifestyle.

I am taking a rest day so it seems. I decide to take my rest days by judging how my body feels, if I feel like I have pushed it and I am overly tired that is when I take my rest day. Hard work does need a rest, after all it is Labor Day this weekend and since I work Monday I will rest today. I wish everyone a beautiful Labor Day weekend, and I hope you take sometime to relax and revel in the intoxication of  just being alive. 

I wrote this poem a few years ago and I do not remember who or what I was musing off. It is about the working man/woman, an homage so you will to all those who toil to make a better life for themselves and their loved ones, sometimes sacrificing their own freedom. This is a poem I once almost scrapped when I lived in NYC but after my close friend read it and cried because it reminded her of her father I decided to keep it. Happy Labor Day Weekend to all. Get some rest and relaxation and get out there and bask in the sweet summer sun as a reward to all of the hard hours you put in for a better life. Autumn is sneaking up on us, so make these last summer moments count. Love and light to all.


Lament of a man of labor,

Pride in his starched blue collar;

Valor in the stains of sweat,

From toiling in the sweltering heat.

Sacrificing time for his devotion,

To family, keeping poverty at bay;

At the price of exhaustion of self.

Fatigue plagues him day after day,

No escape is in sight, no freedom;

Enslaved, trapped within his quagmire.

Nothing ever changes, even with time,

There is no relief in sight.

It seems he sold his soul,

Owned by a pea colored key.

Still he endeavors on

With his daily drudgery,

Realizing with great esteem;

Truest nobility

To raising a family,

And profound dignity

In any honest occupation.

(c) Rose Bruno Bailey

Friday, August 30, 2013


Good morning and Happy Friday to all. Yesterday I was off to go to the DMV and that freed up my day afterwards.  I had time to go to YogaWorks and speak to the management and staff about my yoga needs and which classes are best for me as I begin my experience with YogaWorks. I have unlimited classes, but since I am new there they recommended certain classes for me to begin with, and as I progress with their teaching style I will be able to take more advanced classes. They stress proper form and they recommend I start at the very beginning to make sure I am  performing the poses correctly. They have a candlelight flow, which I am excited about and some of their classes are set to music. I am going Saturday morning for my first class, and I am truly excited to be able to take my practice to another level. Just another notch added to my journey of fitness and well being. I am making time for my My Change For A Ten by running towards my goals, and it feels so amazing.

Speaking of running, I  recently started running with Mike, my trainer and friend and he wants me to be able to run longer and with more ease. Yesterday I waited until the evening since it was a scorcher, and I walked to this little park up the street from my house in Beverly Hills. There is a fountain, and a little walkway that goes around the fountain. For me it is the perfect place to practice running, I can run around the park and then take walking breaks and then run around again. Yesterday I ran twice around the park with somewhat ease. I was listening to music, and it drowned out the heavy breathing sounds I probably make so I did not think about my breathing as much. Each day I will try to run just a little farther. 

My journey is an ongoing one, with hard work and dedication and I understand not everything will be simple or in my comfort zone. I accept that and I know I will progress as time goes by. Time will pass, I might as well make the best of the time I am given. Time is elusive, we think we do not have enough time but in reality we have all the time in the world, it is just how we use it that really matters. I am managing my time, it is not managing me. I will no longer let time hold hostage of my life, I own each and every day and I will continue to run towards my goals and away from the fears that held me back in the past. 
Wishing everyone a beautiful day.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Good Morning Thursday. This is a particular good morning since I have the whole day off, and I work tomorrow and then I have the weekend off as well. My driver's license expired and apparently they need an updated one for my work, so my manager told me to take off today to get it done. So yes, I have to go to the DMV, yawn. But then the whole day is mine to do as I please once I am finished there. I was just saying I needed a day off during the week to have some alone time, alone time at the pool or to take another yoga class and I was granted my wish. So today is mine.

I have been thinking a lot about my goals, and how I am really sticking to my program. I am really trying hard, I want to achieve what I seek, and I want it bad. Nothing will get in my way because I am on a mission. A mission to change my life, a mission to make a difference in the lives of others as well as my own. I have so many things I plan to add to my list of goals, and I know I will make each and every one of them happen. I am making them reality because when the mind and heart believes anything is possible. I have decided I would approach everything with no fear and no procrastination. I may bend but I will never break. 

Yesterday was my Wednesday evening yoga class with Nicole at Pink Iron. It was an amazing class, she is a fantastic yoga teacher. I was much more centered and I felt great. I am so excited to say that I took my bridge pose into a full back bend for the first time. I did my first back bend ever!!  I did wheel pose.  That was such a feeling of elation. I decided to just go for it and I was able to lift my whole body up into the back bend pose. I am definitely getting stronger. I do have to give Mike kudos for that, I believe my Tuesday workouts are strengthening my yoga practice. Like I have said countless times before, and I will always say it,  no person can go it alone.  I am full of  immense gratitude for those who support me on my endeavors. I also believe in supporting all of my friends and loved ones in their paths as well. We are all each others biggest fans and cheerleaders, belief in one another is the heart of inspiration and motivation. After all one of the meanings of Namaste' is we are all one, we are all connected.

I wish everyone a beautiful Thursday, full of belief in all your heart desires.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Good morning Wednesday. I am up extra early today, savoring a few precious moments of sunrise, solitude, and silence and trying to gather my thoughts over a delicious cup of coffee. I greet my day with a heart filled with gratitude for everyone that has graced me with their positive presence. I am grateful for this beautiful planet we reside in and of course for my beloved cats and this cup of coffee. I am grateful for the sheer blessing of being alive, tired yet so alive.

I am really getting much stronger and more balanced in my workouts with Mike my trainer and friend. Yesterday he stepped it up a few notches, He said he has been too easy on me and it was time to make things more difficult, and he and guaranteed I would be sore today. I woke up sore of course, but it is that job well done type of soreness that comes with accomplishment. 

We jogged a lot, or for me it was a lot. The hardest part is my breathing, and some of that may be due to allergies. Nothing that the neti pot cannot cure. I actually did more than I thought I could, and I will continue to improve on the jogging part of the workouts. I will do some jogging this week when I do my walking.  I have also been googling breathing techniques. I will get this. He plans on us jogging longer distances. Nest week we are going to video tape me doing simple beginner burpees for Melissa @ Melissa Bender Fitness so she can post them on her blog. We figured out a way for me to do them using the bench as a prop so I can ease into them without straining my knees. 

My core is pretty darn strong. I was a dancer and of course your "center" as we called it in dance is the most important part. You have to constantly pull up, suck in, relax your shoulders and do not arch the back with your hips tucked in. I still walk like this to this day, head high. I guess some habits stick over time and this particular dance habit is really helping me with my core. The core matters!  My sit ups are getting so much more fluid, I was really proud yesterday. My hard work is starting to really pay off and I feel so motivated to continue. I am very grateful to Mike, he teaches as well as instructs and I can feel my body changing. I am so much stronger than I was over six weeks ago. 

When I got home I did some yoga poses to stretch, but of course doing yoga poses at home with cats is a challenge. They are mesmerized by the mat, and attack your feet as you are doing downward dog. Tonight is yoga with Nicole. I will be sure to drink enough water and eat enough so I do not get lightheaded or sick like I almost did last Wednesday. I still need to get to YogaWorks and use my month unlimited Groupon, it doesn't expire and works from the first day you use it. I will begin there either this week or the next. I am really enjoying the process as well as the results, and that is what keeps me going each and every single day. This is my lifestyle and I absolutely love it.

Wishing you a Happy Wednesday
Love and Light

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Good Morning Tuesday. I just weighed myself and I lost two pounds bringing my total weight loss to 9 pounds and my weight is now officially 188 lbs. I am so excited, last November I actually weighed 207 lbs, so I have lost 9 pounds since I began my My Change For A Ten Project but since last November I have lost a total of 19 pounds. I am almost at my first ten pound My Change For A Ten goal, and then I will set the date to feed the homeless with The Monday Night Mission. I am really proud I am sticking to whatever I say I will do. This is just the beginning for me to change my life and to help make a difference in the lives of others. I am reaching for the moon.

Here is a photo of me and my wonderful friend Amy this weekend, we were out with our husbands at Barney's Beanery in West Hollywood CA.  I will have more full body shots when I return to Richard Simmons this week, he was out of town but I believe he is back Thursday. I went out and I was disciplined. I ate extremely healthy, a turkey sandwich on whole grain with Dijon mustard, avocado, lettuce and tomato and steamed vegetables. I also had a cup of bean chili with no meat.  I believe you can eat healthy almost anywhere. I drank Perrier and tons of water since I do not drink, which helps me save on calories.

Tonight is my workout with Mike, and I am really learning so much. I am also learning how much food my body needs to sustain my workouts, walking, and yoga. So I will be sure to eat enough from here on out. The whey protein shakes help me fill in the blanks when I do not have time to sit down to a meal. I have also been watching my sodium intake. It really makes a big difference. At work I have been ordering my chicken plain with no marinade and no dressing, and I use oil and vinegar. Little changes add up for big results. I buy tuna and peanut butter with no added salt, and I try to eat as clean as possible without obsessing or depriving myself. I am achieving mind and body balance.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

― Mark Twain

I wish everyone a terrific Tuesday.

Monday, August 26, 2013


Happy Monday to all.  I am on my first cup of coffee and smiling already, coffee and the fact that I wake up each and every morning is enough to make me smile. I am alive and able to drink this hot creamy cup of perfection, so I greet Monday morning with a big thank you.  I prefer to savor the little things in life as well as the grand.  I have chosen to make my life a happy adventure, full of creative endeavors. Yes, it is Monday morning but I am up early and ready to embrace my day with an open mind and heart. I am creating the life that I wish to have.

Tomorrow is my weigh in and my weekly workout with Mike. We are going to videotape me performing burpees either this week or the next. Melissa at Melissa Bender Fitness is going to post the video, with future videos of me improving on the move. We all know I need to improve on the move, since I feel so awkward doing them. She is such an amazing motivator. I am so grateful for her help and for Mike's help. Mike really is a one of a kind trainer and I am so lucky to have his help.  I feel incredibly blessed to have such positive people in my corner. I could not go it alone, no one can. 

I have been working hard on my My Change For A Ten project and I am just around the corner from volunteering with my first charity The Monday Night Mission. My plan is as soon as I reach my first ten pound loss, I will give my place of employment heads up two weeks in advance so they can order the food that they are donating to the Monday Night Mission on my behalf. Then we are going to join the lovely people at the Monday Night Mission to help feed the residents at skid row. So the actual date of my first charity volunteer work with be a few weeks after I reach my first ten pound goal. Mike is going with me, and any other friends are welcome as well, I think Francie may join us. The more to help the merrier. Compassion for others is contagious.

I wish you a sunshiny day full of everything your heart desires. Yes, that may be a tall order for a Monday morning but greatness has to begin somewhere. Just order yourself a tall latte' to inspire caffeinated creativity, after all a little coffee always helps.  Think it, believe it, and make it happen. 
Love and Light to all

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Happy Sunday to all. Autumn is right around the corner, and here in California that does not mean the same thing as it does back east but you still sometimes get a little hint of the season. Football returns, and some of the trees here actually do change hues. To me there is nothing like walking outside on a California night and having a cool breeze kiss my face. I get inspired to cook more in the Autumn.  Soups are a simple, healthy and amazing staple in our diet and perfect for sharing with friends and family come Fall. Perfect for staying on track with my My Change For A Ten program. 

I went to the grocery store to pick up a few items, and I noticed yellow split peas were on sale for only 59 cents. I have never made yellow split pea soup but I decided I would give it a whirl, I cannot pass up a bargain. I have decided to add some curry to spice things up a bit, and top it off with some Greek yogurt or light sour cream. I am new to the spice curry and I find the satisfying creaminess of the yogurt or sour cream adds richness to the savory soup.

You will need

One bag of dried yellow split peas

A few tablespoons of garlic infused extra virgin olive oil

Chopped up onions, celery, and carrots. Enough to fill up the bottom of a semi large pot. I use Mirepoix 14.5 oz from Trader Joe's, it is already pre-cut 

If you do not find Mirepoix use one large onion, two carrots, and two celery stalks, chopped fine.

One  cartons of vegetable stock 32 fl oz. I use trader joes.  You can use regular or low sodium, I have tried both.

One carton of water.

Sea salt, ground pepper, a few tablespoons of curry spice. 

Greek yogurt or light sour cream to garnish.

Saute, onion, celery, and carrots in  garlic infused extra virgin olive oil for a few minutes til the onion carmelizes and the vegetables cook down. 

Salt and pepper as you are cooking the vegetables.

Add full bag of yellow split peas, one carton of vegetable stock, one carton of water.

Add a bit more sea salt,  ground pepper, and curry spices for flavor and stir.

Bring to a rolling boil, then simmer on low for 45 minutes covered. Some people prefer to puree' their split pea soup, but I like to leave it au' natural for more of a bean soup experience; the choice is up to you. That is what makes cooking so  much fun, creative license to change the rules as you go along and make it your own. Individuality found in one delectable dish. 
Top it off with a dollop of Greek yogurt or light sour cream for added richness of flavor.

This is amazing with warmed whole wheat pita. It is simple, just take some delicious pita and slice in triangles and place on a cooking sheet that has been sprayed with no-stick spray. Drizzle a little extra virgin olive oil over the wedges of pita and if you wish you can spread a little chopped garlic to spice it up. Be sure to dip the pita wedges in the soup, it just makes it taste better.

Hurry go buy some curry and make a big pot of my Yellow Split Spicy Pea Soup, you will not be sorry!!  

Namaste' Love and light
Happy Sunday

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Happy Saturday to all. I am excited the Richard Simmons video is out, It was so much fun. If you look closely you can see me dancing backup with Richard Simmons in the blue tank over his shoulder in the group shots. I got a few seconds of face time. It was the first week of My Change For A Ten and it was a ton of fun. I met some wonderful friends and now I am hooked on Richard Simmons classes. I will forever do the hair do move.  Nothing like Richard Simmons to inspire you to lose weight. 
Namaste' love and light to all.

Friday, August 23, 2013

FRIDAY 8/23/2013

Good morning and Thank Goodness it is Friday. I am so happy the weekend is almost here. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday. I am a little sleepy but upbeat at the same time. My thoughts are not quite here for me yet though, so this will be a short and sweet post. I love to write but I have to be clear in my mind and fully awake so sometimes posting at this hour can be challenging.

I think it is time to take some updated full length photos, people are starting to mention I look smaller and I have not had any recent photos since the last Richard Simmons class a few weeks ago. He has been out of town. I will do that soon and post them. I walked into CVS yesterday and the guy who works there said what I am doing is working. That always makes me want to work even harder. Results are not always visible to our own personal reflection of ourselves, but when others take notice you know then you are doing something right. I did take a selfie, to see if my face looks thinner. My Mother objects to it because she thinks it is too revealing, which I find hilarious, sorry Mom.  It is a little blurry but I can totally see my face slimming down.  My face is the first place I show weight loss.

I walk at least five days a week on the treadmill for about 45 minutes to an hour, along with the other things I am doing. Yesterday I did the incline thing that Mike taught me. After speed walking for a half hour, I walked one minute at a time raising each level for each minute until I reached level ten. After I  reached the top I reduced the incline one level at a time until I was back to level with one no incline. It is a major challenge but I did it, and I will continue to add that to my regimen as well as adding a little jogging in between my speed walking. Mike said things are getting too easy and I have to work harder, and he is right. So just when you think you have mastered a movement, you take it up a few notches. Burpees I have not mastered but I am practicing. I will do the video for Melissa at Melissa Bender Fitness but I probably will not have the stomach to watch it. 

I am also super excited that I bought a Groupon for one month unlimited yoga classes at YogaWorks in West Hollywood, thanks to Francie my friend from the Richard Simmons video shoot. It was a steal for $35.00. She sent me the link. I am so happy we have met, we call each other our secret twins since we have so many similarities. This project has introduced me to new friends and I feel completely blessed and grateful.

I have had issues lately with food and my husband. He is on board with everything I am doing, but sometimes he wants things like Pizza and I just do not wish to have anything that may derail me at this point. I am too soon in the game, and I need to keep the momentum going. Pizza I guess is not as fun if you are not sharing it. I am also trying to drink the whey protein shakes I bought for work so I will not get so famished and lightheaded anymore. It is a subtle but important change. I love my hot pink shaker, it is so cute. It has three compartments, one for the powder, one to shake it in, and one for vitamins. I am very excited about it. It is the little things in life as well as the grand that make me happy.

Wishing everyone a Fantastic Friday

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Yesterday's class was a major challenge. For some reason I struggled at yoga, and I was weaker than usual. All of a sudden I became a little dizzy and I almost got sick in class. The good news is I took a moment to collect myself, drank some water and I finished the class. It was very hot, and I probably did not eat enough. I have never got sick from not eating enough, but I guess it could happen and it did happen to me. Lesson learned, I need to eat more frequently.

I am happy I did not leave and that I stayed. I was not as balanced as usual, but everyone has off days. I showed up and I persevered so that is all that matters. I also think my allergies have been bothering me. My breathing feels a little shallow and my eyes feel so heavy.

This journey is every day, and some days will be a breeze and others a challenge. We are only as good as we feel, and sometimes our mind is more powerful than our body and it sees us through the rough patches. Sometimes we must listen to the signs our body is telling us; to eat more, to rest more. I showed up, I stayed, but I did listen to my body in class and I did not push it too far. I am strong and flexible and I can bend to whatever challenges comes my way, like the willowy trees I see daily doing their own yoga poses for centuries before our time. 

Today is a fresh day, and every sunrise is a chance to begin anew. I bought a shaker for protein shakes to drink at work since I do not have time to eat. That should help me with my issue of not eating during the day. It is a subtle change but one which will help me sustain the larger changes and goals I am seeking.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


When you learn something new that is outside your comfort zone, you feel awkward doing it. For me, exercise has always been dance related. When I speed walk I dance in my head to the music I am listening too, everything for me up until this point had a rhythm to it. My heart would follow the beat, and it was seamless and natural for me and I loved it. 

I still love to work out to dance moves or  walking outside or on the treadmill to music, but I have added a lot of new exercise moves to my regimen since I started working out with Mike my trainer and friend. Like I have said before in recent posts, his help is invaluable and I am learning so much. He is really helping me through our weekly workouts. Now, a lot of what I do with him is completely foreign to me, and some things are down right difficult since I have never had arm strength. In the six weeks we have been working out though, I can see significant changes in my form as well as my strength. I am definitely getting better, and that is when he mixes it up and makes it more difficult for me. I love a challenge and I am working really hard, and each week I get a little stronger and more fluid in my movements. I am so grateful for his expertise, assistance, and time.

Burpees feel so awkward to me, and I am yet to master the push up part so I do the burpees without the push up. I do not know what my hang up about this exercise move is, but for some reason I feel like I look completely silly when I do it. My best friend Melissa at Melissa Bender Fitness has asked me to see if Mike would video tape me doing burpees for her website. He loved the idea, me not so much. It looks like we will tape me doing burpees next week. I am going to practice the hell out of them in the week to come. This is an adventure, and sometimes you have to not fear and just do. 

We also worked out a lot with a kettle ball, and a jump rope as well as the machines that are at the park we go to. I can jump rope fast but my endurance is not as good. More things to improve upon. Each week is different and each week I get a little more natural at everything we do, and if I do say so myself I am very proud I have stuck to my regimen thus far. I have a long way to go to my goals, but I am definitely just around the corner to my first ten pound goal. I can tell I am losing inches too.  I feel stronger and I have more energy, and it feels completely wonderful. 

Tonight is yoga with Nicole, and I look forward to it so much. Last week she was explaining the difference between sensation and pain. I still cannot decipher which is which. I also signed up for a Groupon for one month unlimited classes at YogaWorks, thanks to  my friend Francie from the video shoot. She sent me the link and I had just enough time to get the amazing deal. I have to say I am so happy our paths have crossed, she is a fantastic human being and friend. We are both excited that the Richard Simmons video comes out this Friday. We had so much fun dancing in it.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday full of love and light.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I love being a woman. With that said there are some things that I do not love about being a woman, and one is wicked monthly water weight. You can do everything right and the scale will go up from time to time. You have no control over it, it is what it is.

Today I woke up feeling great but I knew deep inside I probably did not lose this week. I did everything as according to plan. I ate clean and I worked out six days of the week.  The scale did not budge, I stayed exactly the same as last week. I weigh 190 pounds. It was not my fault, it was the fault of my gender. 

Time to take a deep breathe and move on. I did not gain, I did not lose. I know I am losing inches and I am progressing so no worries. I am changing my body, my mind, and my life. Next week is another chance to lose and get closer to my My Change For A Ten first charity. In the meantime, more workouts, yoga and eating healthy. 

Tonight is my workout with Mike. I am assuming it will be a little more challenging since I am progressing and growing stronger. He is a very good trainer. He works you and pushes you without being aggressive or pushing you to the point of an injury. He respects your level of fitness and is understanding and motivational. That is probably a hard thing to find in a trainer so I am blessed. 

Happy Tuesday to all.
Love and Light

Monday, August 19, 2013


Good morning Monday. Another Monday has arrived and I am happy that I am evolving in my journey. I have such belief in my quest, and in myself. I know I am not always perfect but I am sticking to my program and I am proud with each and every passing Monday. I am full of gratitude to those who believe in me and are helping me to become a better version of myself, healthy, fit and happy. I am manifesting my destiny.

Working out and practicing yoga regularly is the major key. I love it, and I will continue to learn about my body and be in the best possible shape for my own body type, not anyone else's. I do not compare myself to anyone else, nor am I in competition with anyone but myself. This is just the beginning for me. I am a former dancer so I so know a thing or two about form, and I have always loved movement. There is a commercial on television that states a body in motion stays in motion, and a body in rest stays in rest. It is so true, if you do not move it, you will lose it. Cliche' maybe, truth, absolutely.

So, another Monday and I am happy with my results so far, and I know I have a long way to go but I know I will arrive at my goals. I have faith in myself finally. I believe I can do this. Tomorrow morning I will weigh in again, and I will post my new weight. I am also going to post my weeks food journal on Wednesday. It is not perfect, and sometimes I do not eat enough, nor do I always get enough protein but I am learning and that is the reason I will post it. Nothing is ever perfect, we learn and we evolve with each and every single step. That is what I am doing in this journey, learning, evolving, believing in me, and making new friends in the process. I am so close to the first charity and I look forward to serving the residents of skid row with The Monday Night Mission. So close, and it feels so good.

Wishing everyone a bright and beautiful Monday
Monday's aren't so bad

Sunday, August 18, 2013


There is nothing like Yoga practice to give you that mind body connection. I feel so zen today after my class with Nicole Sherman at Pink Iron. I am trying to do as much yoga as possible, and I can see my practice is opening up with each class. Today we did a lot of hip openers, which feels completely marvelous, especially afterwards. I am really getting more flexible by the day and that makes me completely happy. Afterwards I awarded myself with a fresh squeezed carrot/cucumber juice from my friends at WeHo Bistro. Now it is time to eat a healthy lunch and workout soon. I love being so active, I feel like I am floating on a cloud.

Yoga fuels my muse, here is a poem I wrote that was featured in Lightworkers World. It is how I view my yoga practice. 
Love and Light to all

Coming from me, a poet and former ballet dancer,
yoga combines the cerebral aspects of my brain with the physical reality of my body;
stanzas gesturing in motion.
As I transition from asana to asana, my mind poses that
age old question; am I one with the universe?
The answer is always a definite yes.
I feel as if I am the salt of the earth below my toes, the clouds hovering above my head.
I realize not only am I one with the earth and the universe, I am so with all creatures;
and one with my sometimes puzzling psyche.
By the time I reach the elusive state of savasana I feel as if I am floating above my body.
I finally return back to earth in prayer pose to recite that final namaste,
in that belated moment of clarity I am reminded of the gratitude I have for being heaven sent yet earth bound.
(c) Rose Bruno Bailey

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Happy Weekend to all. Yesterday I decided to try on some cute summer dresses that I have never worn, since they have never fit. They fit now and look great, but not for long since soon they will be too big for me. The secret is out, no crash diets for me, eating clean and healthy with moderation and exercise six days a week actually works. Did you hear that? Shocker, hard work pays off and it is fun too.  This should not be a surprise to me or anyone. I exercised like crazy when I danced, but somewhere in the chaos of moving around in the last few years I had stopped taking good care of myself. That will never happen again, I believe our bodies are our temples and I will not trash my temple any longer. My husband commented last night after my workout he has not seen me have such quick results in years, and how I look great. I feel healthier and stronger too with much more stamina. I am really looking forward to assisting with the first charity the Monday Night Mission, I am getting close to the first ten pound goal. My self esteem has returned and I get to do what I love to do, help others. It is such a win win for me. 

Today I will work out later, an hour on the treadmill and some other moves I have learned plus free weights. Yesterday when I did an hour speed walking on the treadmill, I actually jogged some of the time, and it made me feel so proud. Tomorrow same workout plus morning Yoga Flow with Nicole at Pink Iron. I tried to sleep in a little today and now I am meeting my friend Francie from the Richard Simmons video for a little Birthday Brunch before she leaves town to visit with family. We had plans to take Richard Simmons' Saturday morning class but he is out of town for the next week, so no Richard Simmons for over one week.  Later my husband and I will go to the beach to walk and see the sunset, nothing like walking in the water in Malibu for some extra exercise on top of my workouts. Activity is the best natural high. I believe getting outdoors in beauty breathing in fresh air is mandatory for a healthy mind and body.

I feel very lucky to have such help with this endeavor, and to live in such a place with natural beauty to do it in.  I could not go it alone and I am learning so much about the body and achieving peace of mind in the process. So this morning I am radiating gratitude for my blessings. Life is truly beautiful.
Wishing you a sunshiny Saturday,

Friday, August 16, 2013



These innocent little beauties have taken hostage of my nights. Rascal every night around three am wakes me up unplugging the air conditioner and now he has moved on to the alarm clock. Spanky likes to chew on my hair or bite my toes when I am sleeping. A few days of this and I feel so groggy and incoherent, that coffee is not just something I love to drink for the taste but a necessity. My husband is not a morning person, and he wakes up tired always. I on the other hand, If I do not get enough sleep I usually still wake up on the right side of the bed. The fact I am not so cheery this morning means it is finally catching up to me. With all the exercise I have been doing, the cats interrupting my sleep is making me feel completely fatigued. Plus I did not feel well yesterday, and it took all of my energy not to let it show to anyone I interacted with. I hope I was not rude to anyone, I doubt it I am never rude but if I was I apologize. I never get outwardly crabby but I can sometimes get quiet and of course people are usually shocked when that happens. It usually means I do not feel well, or I am in a very reflective mood. I will not elaborate why I did not feel well, but let's just say I hope I do not gain any weight on Tuesday. :-)

Of course on days like that, all I want to do is be with my friends and family back east. My wonderful friend Larry was one of those people. I would call and he would be there, we both lived in Astoria and worked in Manhattan.  I met him in Pittsburgh in 1999 and he moved to Los Angeles. I moved to Connecticut. He moved to Boston, and then NYC and finally I moved to NYC too. He one of the most fun people I have ever met and  he still has a way to make me laugh even across the miles. There are so many people I miss, but I a blessed to have wonderful friends here in California too. If I never would have moved here, I never would have met anyone of them, so I have no regrets and I love Los Angeles as much as NYC just for different reasons. 
Larry and Rose December 21st 2009 in Manhattan

I took my rest day Thursday since I was not my usual 100% and since Richard Simmons is traveling and out of town. I am so bummed out about this, I have grown accustomed to his high energy inspiration. It will be a couple weeks before he returns, so that means more treadmill and yoga and maybe a Zumba class to throw in for good measure. I will not slow down at all, one rest day is all I need. Today I am back in full force after work even though I still do not feel completely well. Nothing that time and a little extra weekend sleep cannot cure.

Wishing everyone a big Thank God It Is Friday. Much love and light to all. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Good Morning Thursday, I wish everyone a beautiful day today. I am drinking extra strong coffee this morning, the Siamese nightly wake ups were much more frequent last night. I am about to call Jackson Galaxy from My Cat From Hell, he would be able to fix my issue. Funny, all night long in between the cats being rowdy I dreamed about Stormy, our beloved Tabby who we lost to renal failure last January. We will always miss her, so naturally I feel a bit melancholic this morning. Here she is doing her best downward dog, she was the mascot for the yoga event I planned in Griffith Park for Kitt Crusaders, it was called Downward Dog For Cats.

Yoga was fantastic, as is Nicole my teacher. We did a lot of emphasis on hips and quad stretches. We were working on pigeon pose, and she taught us how to take our mat to the wall and do the pose up against the wall. It is a fabulous albeit hard stretch to do, but I can see how this is going to improve pigeon pose and our quad flexibility. I am so happy that my old flexibility is returning. I guess it is true that you have muscle memory. My Change For A Ten is working for me because of all the time I am putting in working out and doing yoga etc. I believe I would not feel this fabulous if I did not work out.  It takes the balance of diet and exercise to really see a difference in my body. I am so motivated to go forward and I really am enjoying the process as well as the results.

Richard Simmons will be traveling for the next few weeks so I will miss his high energy inspiration. I can still go to Slimmons for the class, but I think tonight I am going to go to the gym or take a class, or something to do with water. I love being in water, always have. It makes me feel completely alive and serene at the same time. I was a lifeguard in my twenties, I felt compelled to learn how to save a person from drowning. 

Here is a poem I wrote years ago about my love of being in the water and swimming, written in 2005.  I actually spent the afternoon swimming, then I took a shower and glanced out the window at the pool with the sun shining through the trees and the poem came to me right then and there. I had to have my husband write it down for me since I was in the shower, lol. Sometimes inspiration hits at the least convenient time, but I am always happy when it does.
Wishing you sunshine and serenity.


I dive in a pool of crystal clear waters,

My worries float away.

I gaze at the sapphire sky, the sun

Blazes brightly above me.

Clouds drift aimlessly

Making a myriad of shapes and sizes.

My wistful spirit is baptized,

I am consumed by this show of

Sky high fireworks;

Warming my soul and body.

Trees pirouette in the wind, a minuet

For weary eyes; I am taken away.

(c) Rose Bruno Bailey

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


On Tuesday's I weigh in, and I work out with Mike my trainer and friend. I lost two more pounds this week bringing my total to 190 LBS. This made me so happy, I have been really working hard and sticking to everything I say I will do, and to see the scale go down seven pounds is such a wonderful reward. I know I have a long way to go but to know this is all working motivates me even more. I am almost to the ten pound mark, and a few weeks after I lose the first ten is when I will be volunteering with The Monday Night Mission. Of course all the time I will be working on my twenty pound loss, this is a lifestyle change and I choose to make being healthy and fit a part of my life.

My workout with Mike at the park was wonderful, I can see and feel I am stronger than I was when we began a little over a month ago. Some of the exercises are not as awkward as they once were, and my strength and balance are improving.  I can feel my once dancer's flexibility coming back, which made me elated. He truly is a great trainer/teacher and I am grateful to him for the time he puts in. I know I am a work in progress but it is all starting to feel quite natural to me. Tuesdays are the day I measure my true progress.

We did something I would have never dreamed of doing, he brought boxing gloves and I practiced punching the targets he wore on this hands and  then he had me alternate arms and do all these boxing moves. It was fun, of course I hit like a girl but I got better and I will get better. I do have this competitive side with myself and I do not give up. We plan on doing it again, it was fun and I can totally feel the effects on my body this morning. I am sore but it a good way. The jogging felt easier for me, especially when I discovered to try to stay on the heals of my feet and not on the ball of my feet. I tend to naturally do everything on my toes.  

Today after work is my one hour walk and my yoga practice. I love the way yoga makes me feel, totally zen inside and out. If I could find a way to practice five days a week I would, it truly makes me feel peaceful inside. I wish all of you love and light and a beautiful Wednesday. full of peace and joy.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Left to right....Rose, Santa who I just worshiped, and sister Gina

It is Tuesday August 13, 2013 and before I get to my weigh in I would like to wish my big sister Gina a very Happy Happy Birthday. Just a shout out across the miles, and some nostalgic family photos. I miss my family, but I send them love and light back east. I hope to see them soon. 

I weighed in this morning. I have decided I would weigh in at home on Tuesday Mornings and follow Weight Watchers on my own and online. I prefer to weigh in at home to get the most accurate read, and that gives me more time to workout. 

I lost two more pounds, bringing my weight to.....drum roll.....190 LBS. That makes my total weight loss since I started My Change For A Ten to seven pounds. I am almost at my first milestone of ten pounds. As soon as I lose my first ten pounds, it will be a few weeks before I do my first charity which is The Monday Night Mission. I need to give my work  a few weeks notice so they can have the food ready. I also want to make sure I am past the ten pound mark since sometimes there are those weeks when we gain a few. I want to have the first ten pounds lost for good so I can focus on the charities and then getting to the twenty pound mark.

Today is my weekly Tuesday workout with Mike. I always look forward to it, it is hard but I can see it works and of course I am so grateful that he gives his time to help me. I am also handing him my food journal, that really helped me stay on track. I promised I would have more information about him and his  personal trainer services in the future and I will. He is a wonderful trainer and friend. I was saying just yesterday. You can never have enough friends. I love the quote from the film It's A Wonderful Life... "No man is a failure who has friends."  It is such an inspiring film about appreciating your life, a must see.

Off for the day. Happy Birthday Gina, and I wish everyone else a beautiful day today. You woke up, you are breathing, now anything is possible as long as you have that opportunity to make it so. Every day is a Birthday if you look at it that way. 
Love and Light
left to right Niece Nerissa, Uncle Edward, Gina, me, Sister Dona and sister Frankie

Me on the bottom, My Aunt Elaine in center, left to right from top, Dona, Frankie, My lovely Mother, and Gina

Left to right me and Gina

The girls, all of them. Left to right Niece Calli, me, Gina, Niece Nerissa, Frankie, Dona, and babies Satya and Clara

Monday, August 12, 2013


Happy Monday to all.  Sometimes I feel like life moves on the fast track and again like clockwork comes Monday morning. Where did the weekend go?  On Mondays I begin my week of workouts and make my plans for My Change For A Ten.  I am a little sleepy this week thanks to my Siamese cat Rascal and his fascination with the air conditioner cord. I have to get at the bottom of this mystery, I think he does it for attention because I wake up and feed him then he comes back and does it again. Thank goodness I hear him and I am able to stop him, this is a dangerous habit he has started and a great way to make me a little groggy Monday morning.

I have decided that I do not need to physically take the time to go into Weight Watchers to weigh in, when I can be using that time to do some sort of other workout activity. I can do Weight Watchers online and weigh in on Tuesday mornings first thing, and I believe that is the way to get the most accurate read on my weight. Plus my trainer Mike has asked to see my food diary on Tuesday, and that helps too. I really think I am doing well, and I have already started to get comments about my weight loss and I have only lost a few. I know I am losing inches too and I feel awesome albeit sleepy.

I wish everyone a beautiful and bright day. I am off to drink some needed coffee on this Monday Morning and eat a protein bar. I am way too sleepy for more. 

Here is a Monday poem, written in NYC waiting for the train in the midst of winter. It may make you appreciate that it is summer now. I remember how hard it was to be sleepy and go out into the bitter cold. California thank goodness saves me from that experience.


It's another monotonous morning,
birds are chirping, but spring
has hardly paid a call or visit.
I drink my hot coffee, gripping
the cup like it holds liquid gold.
Fatigue sets in, mentally, physically;
a rat races inside my head.
I am emotionally, physically
drained from running mundane
marathons to empty destinations.
I imagine a kiss, a zealous kiss
that would bring summer
to my wintry body and soul.
Instead I sip, caffeinated tepid cafe;
and long for lips that scald,
daydreaming of a moment
that could warm all of my seasons.

(c) Rose Bruno Bailey

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Good-by, Good-by, world. Good-by, Grover's Corners... Mama and Papa. Good-by to clocks ticking... and Mama's sunflowers. And food and coffee. And new-ironed dresses and hot baths...and sleeping and waking up. Oh, earth, you're too wonderful for anybody to realize you.” ― Thornton WilderOur Town

I woke today in a very peaceful yet reflective mood, lamenting about how fleeting life can be, thinking of the beauty in the grandiose as well as the mundane. That made me start thinking about cemeteries. Have you ever visited a cemetery for no reason? Maybe you visited a historical site and found yourself strolling amongst stones of strangers who lived far before your time. Walking around a place where nature lives on yet people do not is a humbling experience. It makes you realize whatever worry that had occupied your mind really doesn't matter in the scheme of the universe. As I continue on with My Change For A Ten, I think it is important to look at things from a different vantage point every now and then, that is where you find the courage to go forward, that is where you find your perspective.  Gratitude sometimes comes from knowing how lucky we really are. This poem I wrote it a little dark, but sometimes you have to face the eyes of ebony without fear, and then the sunshine will finally reveal itself to you;  but only when you have learned to appreciate the light of daily life. 
Photo Linda Monteleone' who is contributing photos for my poetry book

Everyday we awaken, we are terminal.
Temporarily renting our bodies,
forever coveting our souls.
Our breath, countdown
to our very last gasp.
We dine, maybe eating our last supper.
Our insides weep, yet we hold
a stellar performance of smiles and satisfaction,
withholding the inevitable outcome.
Death looms in the shadows
stalking us, living prey with plans
to be abandoned with cold wreaths and stones.
Cemetery holds the final court,
waiting for yet another of times demise;
Still as the silence that surrounds
the mausoleum at midnight.
Left behind and forgotten,
as a lone barren tree
taunts with its lingering longevity;
shadowing the pillars and graves
that lie void of life and energy.
(c) Rose Bruno Bailey

Taking life for granted - we are all guilty from time to time. It is easy to get lost in self pity and forget how magnificent it is to awaken each and every morning to the sunrise and the aroma of a fresh pot of brewed delicious coffee. As I continue on with my My Change For A Ten workouts, I realize I may not be the best runner but I am thankful for  my two legs that can walk; running will come soon enough. The little things make up just as much satisfaction in our lives as the major moments. Forget fearing the future and live in the present. Loving, being loved is the absolute greatest feeling we can experience ever, no matter a prince or a pauper. This we should never forget, even in our lapses of appreciation of the blessing of life and this perfect earth we call home.
Love and light
Rose Bruno Bailey

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Yesterday was Friday, and I woke up to a splitting headache which would not go away all day. I decided this week on Friday I would take my rest day. I was still sore and a little tired. To rest or not to rest, for me it is a bit of a frightening concept. From what I hear from people it can me important to let your muscles recover. So I chose to rest and now the headache is history. My potassium feels really low, my lips are twitching so I am downing a large coconut water. That should do the trick.  I tend to be low on potassium and I am assuming with all the work I am putting in I am definitely losing extra. I will make a point to tell my Dr since I may need a supplement.

I work this morning, just for a few hours and I cannot complain because I rarely work weekends. So Today I will do my speed walking in the evening. Tomorrow I am practicing yoga at class in the morning. I am actually still so sleepy this morning so this is a short and sweet post. Happy Weekend to all and do not forget to smile at the face of the sun. xo

Love and Light

Friday, August 9, 2013


Wonderful dancers inspire me
Trying to remember his name, so nice.
Five pounds down
Me with Richard and this nice lady Barbara

The most patriotic girls hamming it up with me after class
I was really tired yesterday, but after class the fatigue had lifted. I had made myself a promise to not skip anything I say I am doing. I have stuck to that vow. Class was completely electric and so was Richard Simmons. The music was so fun, he started off with Madonna's Vogue, and then he played a lot of rock music. He had everyone dance with people from across the room,  ACDC You Shook Me All Night Long makes people really boogie on down. Nothing like classic rock to get you in the spirit of things.  There was a professional photographer there snapping photos as well, it was really a hoot. And yes, we all played the air guitar.

I met this lady Barbara a few weeks ago, and we decided to take our photo with Richard together. She is really sweet and loves to ballroom dance. She pointed out this dancer who had been there before, she told me to watch him dance. Sure enough he did a few pirouettes and of course that stole my heart. I had to talk to him, being a former dancer. I told him to never quit, my one dance teacher who was 60 and ageless told me dance will keep you young. We took photos together, he was so sweet. I am embarrassed to say I cannot remember  his name for the life of me, or I think I do and I do not wish to post the incorrect name. He goes to Slimmons regularly according to Barbara, so I will get that name and post. Come fall, I will be in dance classes again, so inspiring. Who cares what age you are, as long as you are alive and breathing you can do anything your heart desires. Only we hold ourselves back, and I have decided I will no longer ever hold myself back from anything. I choose to feel ageless.

There was a group of friends dressed in patriotic colors who are spending the summer living together here in Los Angeles. They were too cute, and we took a photo together after class. They are all a little sad since soon they will be going there separate ways, but I am sure they will remember their memories together forever. Richard Simmons gathers people from all walks of life together, it is like a big party. I love it.
At the end of class Richard showcased some wonderful people who have lost anywhere from fifty to over one hundred pounds, it was so inspiring to see their proud faces as he announced their individual weight loss achievements. If that does not inspire I do not know what does. 

I walked home, a little extra exercise. I think it is about a mile walk, and I had a protein shake for a healthy meal replacement before bed. I know I need my protein so I am making an effort to make sure I get enough protein.

When I started this My Change For A Ten I had two goals, to lose weight the healthy way for myself and get back to my former dancers shape, and to help others with each ten pounds. I never knew it could also be this fun adventure. Do you remember Susan Powell, the stop the insanity woman with my  platinum blond hair, she was once a weight loss guru on TV. She once said you must enjoy the process as much as the end result, and I see that is completely accurate and true. This process is such an fun journey, and I am having the time of my life making my goals a reality, each baby step of the way; never forgetting my gratitude to those who guide my steps.

Love and light

Thursday, August 8, 2013


I woke up on Wednesday so sore from my workout with Mike. I have never experienced that type of all body soreness. I am not complaining, I feel like whatever we are doing is changing my body, and I am getting through the initial soreness. It does go away right? So yesterday I took my first yoga class with Nicole, and even though it has been a year I felt fine. She said I looked strong and could not tell I had been away that long. It really felt amazing, and I forgot how much you sweat in a yoga class. My body definitely needs yoga as a companion exercise to everything else I am doing, at least two to three times a week. Ballet classes I have decided will come later in mid fall. I am losing weight, and changing my body with fitness and helping people.  I can put up with the soreness, I guess I am just a sore loser.

Last night when I got home from yoga, I felt all stretched and limber but still sore, so I decided to take a hot bath and use my favorite product for the skin, Trader Joe's lavender sea salt scrub. It is made with essential oils, all natural and makes you smell delicious. How delicious? Well, I swore I smelled like fruit loops last night. Maybe I was just hungry but this stuff is amazing. You should definitely try it. I usually only wear coconut fragrances and lotions but I love the smell of natural lavender before bed. This scrub is so soothing especially after working out.

Tonight is Richard Simmons aerobic class, and of course I always look forward to it. I am hoping some of the new friends I met will be there. I always keep a food journal for Weight Watchers, but I am going to keep a more detailed one now because Mike would like to see what it is I am eating. Weight Watchers only weighs you in, they do not look at your food journal. This is extra motivation to be on my toes about my diet. I will show it to him next Tuesday, and it will be completely accurate, no cheating. 

Wishing everyone a beautiful Thursday 
Namaste Love, and Light

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I have been contemplating my quest as of late, and I realized I could not do this without enthusiasm. It gives you that extra spark and energy to go forward. Ever notice when you are around enthusiastic people it spreads like a California wildfire. There is a reason cheerleaders are present at football games, everyone loves to be cheered on and to join in on the enthusiasm of the moment.

Yesterday I worked out with my trainer and friend Mike and today I have to say I am so sore this morning.... but in a good way. He helps me keep my enthusiasm up even when I find some of the exercises challenging or awkward. My ankle feels completely good as new. Exercising in the outdoors is a completely different experience and I love it. I will improve, I love a challenge and I am so enthusiastic about getting stronger as time progresses. Enthusiasm inspires, and keeps us moving in the direction of success.

I started thinking of one of the most enthusiastic people I have ever seen on television. I was first introduced to Huell Howser on PBS when we moved from NYC to Los Angeles. His enthusiasm was so electric, we were hooked. Now when I think of everything I am trying to accomplish, I look to people like the late Huell Howser for inspiration. 

I wrote this tribute to a man I would never have the honor of meeting, but he impacted my views of life here in California. I will go forward with My Change For A Ten with the same enthusiasm as he displayed in his wonderful television shows.


Moving from New York City to Los Angeles, California has definitely been a whirlwind of an adventure, but it happened so quickly that I hardly had time to process the magnitude of the move. One morning in late September 2010 I had breakfast in my beloved big apple, and in just a few hours I set foot in the City of Angels. What made it even more interesting was the fact that I was moving to a state I had never visited, not even once.

My husband and I, along with our two cats made the trek from LaGuardia airport to L.A.X. and lastly to our new home in West Hollywood, C.A. The move went off without a hitch, we had rented a furnished apartment so we were able to just unpack and settle in with ease. The swiftness of the move didn't give me much time to think about what I left behind, that would come later when the newness of my adventure had worn off. I had left N.Y.C in the wake of the jet stream, and embraced L.A. full speed ahead. It was like a snow globe had shook up my world, but I would not feel the after effects til much later.

We soon started exploring this blissful state of the magnificent Pacific and we were in love. Eventually though, the brand new feeling would subside and the realization that everyone we knew and loved were three thousand miles away would start to take its toll. I started to romanticize about the life I left behind. The Manhattan lights, the energy, the amazing vibe that fueled my poetic soul. I started to compare and I am ashamed to say I began to take my majestic new home for granted.

I began spending time looking back at my life in N.Y.C. instead of looking forward to all the riches my new home offered. I would see N.Y.C. on television and openly complain I wished to move back.I felt that feeling when you leave a lover behind. NYC was like that lover, too fast and dark for my own good but there really isn't anything sexier than a lover who never sleeps.

In the midst of wallowing in my woes and missing the life I once led I  was given a gift. Yes, N.Y.C. is a special one of a kind place, but I was living in another equally special city in arguably one of the most beautiful states in the continental U.S.A. This gift would be given to me from a man I would unfortunately never have the opportunity to meet.

When we moved here we discovered a local celebrity Huell Howser, an American television personality best known for California's Gold, and Visiting...With Huell Howser, his travel shows 
based in Los Angeles at KCET for California PBS stations. The archive of his television shows chronicled the history, people, and diverse cultures of California, and his enthusiasm was unparalleled. We first saw his show months after the move and we were smitten from the first episode we watched. My husband and I loved his unpretentious way of showcasing all of the gifts California offered; the people, the places, the unsung heroes of small towns to the glorious city attractions. He visited landmarks as well as little lesser known spots that were popular amongst locals. Hollywood, Palm Springs, San Francisco, as well as smaller cities one may have never known existed. Huell Howser put these people and places on the map, and he did so with such a genuine reverence that one could not help but to smile, especially when he said the word amaaazing. I can never say it again without hearing his melodic Tennessee twang. The way he loved California was contagious, and I had caught the bug. My days of looking behind at once was would be replaced with the present I was given by an unlikely source. My future was looking as sunny as the California skies above, Huell Howser had opened my blind eyes to the lovely illumination right in front of me. 

I started taping his various television shows, and keeping a log of my favorite episodes. I wanted to see what he saw, visit what he visited.My husband and I are planning our Anniversary dinner at the famous Musso and Franks restaurant in Hollywood, an interest we found after we saw the replay of the 1995 episode of Visiting... All of a sudden I realized I was living in paradise, a place most people dream of visiting let alone calling home. Huell Howser to me was more than a television host; he was a kindred spirit, a storyteller, a historian, a teacher. He was the epitome' of a true Californian, a role model of appreciation of the beauty of the everyday gifts of life as well as the grand. He loved sharing the human aspect of his visits, he was a humble human fascinated with the people of California and the untold stories of their lives. Every time he appeared with his microphone and camera person people  seemed to come out of the woodwork to meet him. I wish I could have been one of those people, unfortunately that would not come to be.

It was November of 2012 that Huell Howser had announced his retirement and the fact he would no longer be shooting new episodes. We were  shocked at the news that he decided to stop future taping, we had become such fans of his work in the short time we lived here.  In early January 2013 we were extremely saddened to hear of his untimely passing. He was a mere 67 years young, but his legacy and his shows would live on forever. His entire body of work has been donated to Chapman University, and they established the Huell Howser Archive, when digitized will offer free public access to the collection of his life's work.The collection will be available through the university as well as the Internet.

Inspired by a person I would never meet, I plan to visit many of the places he chronicled and to keep a journal or a blog of my  California adventures. I am now a proud resident of Los Angeles, C.A. and I owe my new found love and enthusiasm of my new home to Huell Howser. Living in the golden state is truly amaaazing, as amazing as Huell Howser was as a human being. He was truly California's Golden Boy and forever my California inspiration.
(c) Rose Bruno Bailey