Monday, March 31, 2014


Good Morning to all. I weighed in on Saturday and went up a pound. I did everything right so this frustrates me. I am trying so hard to get into the 160's and be at my next ten pound charity. I am going to focus of my fitness goals and my charities I plan to help. I will get there, it will just take some time. My current weight is 171. I just want to make it into the 160's in two weeks when I head to Phoenix AZ.

My Thursday workout with Mike was awesome. My workouts have become faster and more challenging, but they are a lot of fun. Mike has be doing a circuit, the ropes, burpees, push ups, boxing and kicking, then running back and doing it over and over. In workout language they call those sets I think. It is a lot of fun and I am grateful to him. I workout with him again tomorrow, and we are working on my running once again. 

We had an earthquake and I freaked out a bit. I am not used to them and I really was scared. I did not sleep at all on Friday night but I still made it to the Charity Boot Camp for 2 Hands 2 Cans taught by Corey Sousa of Revline Fitness. It is such a wonderful cause and I had a blast. A year ago I would not have been able to even do the boot camp. I met some great people and discovered a beautiful park near my house. The Pan Pacific Park is so lovely, I want to go back and bring my mat and do some outdoor yoga. Off for the day, work and walking and workout later.
Have a beautiful Monday
Love and Light

Here is a link to the facebook page of 2 Hands 2 Cans founded by Chris Willard.With the gang from 2 Hands 2 Cans.

Some photos of the Boot Camp for Charity for 2 Hands 2 Cans

The gang from 2 Hands 2 cans

Masha from 2 Hands 2 cans
Kerry and friend
Founder Chris Willard
Trainer Corey Sousa from Revline Fitness

Kerry Flowers and me

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Summer 2014 and now. New pics from Arizona in a few weeks.
Where I was last year. I will never let myself go again.

Good morning to all. I am up and drinking my morning coffee and contemplating a lot of things. Yesterday was my Tuesday workout with Mike and it was a lot of fun. We did push ups, core work, and a lot of boxing and kicking which I actually find to be a blast. I planked for one minute and a half. I need work with my punches, but hey I am a work in progress.

I ran around the track once and walked once. Mike told me our goal is to get me to be able to run around the track four times. I am still very intimidated with running, but with my new ipod it is a lot easier. It was cool and my lungs felt irritated because of the weather and allergies, so I did not push it. I am always careful with my joints and I listen to my body. I told him I am with him on this goal, and I believe I can make it happen even if I have been somewhat of a timid runner. A big thanks to Mike for being so patient with me and for being a great trainer, but also for being one of my first motivators.  I wonder if we had not started working out if I would have been so dedicated. Sometimes it just takes one or two people to say you can do it to make it a reality. The other person is of course Melissa Bender, my best friend and a fitness dynamo. She tells the masses they can do it, and she always pushes me even when I do not see it in myself. Melissa is the first person who made me believe age is just a bunch of digits and it does not define you. A big thanks to all of my friends, family and followers for always cheering me on in this quest, supporting me with the charities and being there for me. I never wish to forget I am not in this alone.

My 5K is two weeks from this Saturday. This is the first item I am crossing of my fitness bucket list, which keeps evolving as I move along in this journey. I have changed it a bit, so this is the new list.

I saw a ballroom dance opportunity back east, something I have said to my friends I wish would happen, and it has but I am no longer living in NYC. This got me thinking and planning. I want to dance Ballroom bad, get shoes, get a partner and compete. I am going to find a way to make this happen. Last night James downloaded a lot of music to inspire me on this quest. One of the biggies on my fitness bucket list and the music inspires me to run too, so I can listen to it on my 5k.

Tonight I am going to do some serious cardio. I am trying to step it up so the scale reflects my hard work. I am almost in the 160's. Pushing forward yet looking back.

FITNESS BUCKET LIST  REVISITED...One of my New Year's Resolutions is to continue on my journey. Part of my fitness journey is conquering my fitness bucket list. I may add things as I go along. My first 5K is in a little over two weeks,I am doing The Seal beach 5K on April 5th 2014. I will run/walk it so I put on this list I want to be able to run around the park 4 times. I am working on my distance. 
Happy dreaming

1. Trapeze Classes at the School of Trapeze in Santa Monica

2. Synchronized swimming classes at Aqualillies in Los Angeles

3. Michael Cornell Ballet Classes at  I am doing this very soon.

4.Ballroom Latin Classes at 3rd Street Dance in Los Angeles   I want to get shoes, get a partner and compete down the line.

5. Go to Pittsburgh, work out with best friend at Melissa Bender Fitness

6. Go to San Diego, take yoga and aerial yoga with one of my best friends Tracy Gittens at Galaxy Lifestyle, Fitness, and Aerial Yoga. Grand Opening July 19, 2013.

7. Surf if I am not too afraid of sharks.... I have an update on this, Mike my trainer has offered to teach me when I am ready and when I can do a good push up, and I will take him up on that. He said next summer when the water is warmer. I am excited to do this and I have really been working on my push ups to prepare. I think I may go swimming too.

8.Run around the park 4 times. 

9.Some type of Yoga Retreat by the ocean.

10. Be in or on the cover of Weight Watchers Magazine or inside the magazine. (Hey, a girl can dream and they use real people all the time). 

11. Do a 5K in 2014. I am doing The Seal Beach 5k in April 5th with a team from Seasons 52.

12. Practice my yoga and get into the difficult poses I am struggling with. Do inversions, backbends, and anything to do with my leg behind me. This means gaining more flexibility in my quads. I want to take photos by the trees I love in yoga poses and I can now do dancers pose. I think I will do the poses and photos this summer.

13. Do a 30 day yoga challenge, and do yoga every day for 30 days in a row.

14. Swim with dolphins, not really fitness related but is in a way. I would love to have this experience.

15. Learn Tai Chi or some sort of Martial Arts.

16. Get some sort of certifications down the line so I can pass on my new knowledge and help those who need it. Maybe volunteering for the needy.I am going to do this through ACE, The American Council of Exercise and a yoga certification.

17. Take Fire Dancing classes at Firegroove here in Los Angeles. Francie did it and it sounds amazing, maybe a little dangerous but that makes it even more intriguing.

18. Aerial Yoga here in Los Angeles.

19. Take a reformer Pilates class.

20. Take a Burlesque dance class.

Monday, March 24, 2014


My Mother Shirley in the black with a friend and my older sister Dona

Me and Mom at my wedding on April 7, 2001. I took a photo pic of the original photo so this is blurry.

Happy Birthday to my dearest Mother Shirley Bruno. No one in my life has taught me to be a survivor as she has. She is still a spitfire of a woman and does not let anyone get her down. My Mother was never heavy until she got older. She was a smoker and had to quit when she had triple bypass surgery. She got through with flying colors but had gained a lot of weight. In the last few years she had both knees replaced and cannot exercise too much. Last summer she decided that her weight gain had gone too far, she started counting her Weight Watchers points and since that moment has lost a whopping 41 lbs without exercise. She is ahead of me in my weight loss and I exercise all of the time. I am so proud of her, and I am trying to catch up.

Happy Birthday Mom. Today I celebrate you, your weight loss success, and your inspiration. You are the epitome' of what a survivor is, and at 78 you keep at it. I am very proud of you and honored to be your daughter.

My Mom at 16 in the black bathing suit with a friends Mother.

Photo booth pic of me at 19, I am her look a like

Happy Birthday Mom

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Good Morning and Happy Weekend to all. Today is Weigh In Saturday. I stayed the same weight, I am still 170 lbs. Not sure why or how but it is what it is and I just  have to move forward. A lot of things can effect weight loss fluctuations. I was reading about it today on webmd. If you drink water before weighing in it could cause a rise in the scale. Doing the opposite and trying  not to drink water also causes water retention. It is a fine balance of just doing what is healthy and standing on the scale once a week and them moving on.

My workout Thursday with my trainer Mike was great, again I did not eat enough but I soldiered through. We did the TRX and the machines and some walking and running. My core is getting so strong, and we worked on my push ups. I am so proud that I can do girl push ups now. I am not quite there yet with the boy push ups, but I will be in the not so distant future. I am very grateful to Mike as always for the support and expertise. He is a very good teacher. I am a bit sore today, but nothing that has me down for the count. 

I did eat out on Friday, I ate the healthiest thing possible but I did not take into count the sodium levels. After I ate my grilled asparagus I realized how salty it was. So that may had something to do with my weight staying the same.

One thing though, I can now suck my stomach in and see my ribs. That is huge. I know I am making progress and like I said a while ago I am going to try to focus on my fitness more and less emphasis on the scale. With that said, I still think it is important to weigh in weekly. I will not beat myself up about it though. I am making strides and I am very proud of how far I have come. I am still three pounds from my next charity so it gives me time to do the leg work.

Off for now. I am brewing coffee and making my healthy breakfast.
A shout out to my best friend Melissa Bender @ melissabenderfitness. Happy Happy Birthday to you. 

Love and Light

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Good Tuesday Morning to all. My next ten pound charity is the wonderful organization Reading To Kids. I am holding a book drive, collecting brand new books for children ages K-5. I am currently three pounds from my next weight milestone but I wait til I am a few pounds beyond the ten pound mark. I am now doing the legwork for the book drive and trying to get the word out. I also plan on volunteering in the near future and reading to the kids.

Here is some information about Reading To Kids.
Reading to Kids is a grassroots organization dedicated to inspiring underserved children with a love of reading, thereby enriching their lives and opportunities for success in the future.  To this end, Reading to Kids gathers on average 876 children and 367 volunteers at reading clubs on the second Saturday of every month at seven Los Angeles elementary schools.
At the monthly reading clubs, pairs of volunteers read aloud to small groups of children, while their parents receive training on how to encourage their children to read at home.  Kids, parents, teachers, and school libraries receive book donations at the end of the reading clubs.  These are important donations, as 60 percent of low-income homes do not have age-appropriate reading materials for children.
Since its inception in 1999, Reading to Kids has given more than 124,442 prize books to children who attend the reading clubs, donated more than 22,469 hardcover books to school libraries, and our volunteers have spent more than 145,899hours reading to kids.  Click here to see our entry on Wikipedia. 
Reading to Kids is incorporated as a nonprofit corporation under the laws of the state of California and has been classified as an organization described in section 501(c)(3) of the federal Internal Revenue Code. The organization is exempt from both state and federal taxes; our tax ID number is 95-4758698.  

Off for now. Tonight is after work I am working out with my trainer Mike. I have been gluten free and eating completely clean during the week, and I have had amazing energy. 

Love and Light
Happy Tuesday to all

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Happy Sunday. I finally got music downloaded on my cute pink ipod shuffle, thanks to James. I am so excited, it is so small and sleek and just clips on with ease. My workouts are going really  go up a notch, I am so motivated by music.

Here is my latest playlist, and I will be downloading more soon. This could be dangerous. I am late to the party but happy I have arrived. A lot of oldies on this list. A few slow ones for warm ups and lots of fast rock tunes for speed walking and running. 
Rock On


Planet Earth Duran Duran
Hungry Like The Wolf Duran Duran
If I Can't Have You Yvonne Elliman
Fire and Ice Pat Benatar
Everybody Talks Neon Trees
Animal Neon Trees
Please Please Me The Beatles
Night Fever The Bee Gees
Surrender Cheap Trick
I Want You To Want Me Cheap Trick
Only Time Will Tell Asia
Don't Cry Asia
Someone Saved My Life Tonight Elton John
Rhiannon Fleetwood Mac
Go Your Own Way Fleetwood Mac
An Everlasting Love Andy Gibb
Take It Easy The Eagles
Peaceful Easy Feeling The Eagles
The Kid Is Hot Tonight Loverboy
Slide The Goo Goo Dolls
Make That Move Shalamar
Rock and Roll All Night Kiss
Free Bird Lynyrd Skynyrd
You Shook Me All Night Long AC/DC
Fox On The Run The Sweet
Melt With You Modern English

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Today is weigh in Saturday, and I did a gluten free experiment all week. I swear I feel less bloated and my face looks less puffy. I lost one pound, and I am completely happy about that. That brings my weight to, drum roll please, 170 lbs. I am so close to the 160's.
I am loving this ride, and I am making it happen. I worked out every day of this month but one, and I am reaching fitness milestones and well as scale wins. My girl push ups are so easy now and the boy push ups are coming along too. 

My charity I am working on is a book drive for children for an organization called Reading To Kids. I will write more about them soon, and include links. I am still a few pounds away but I have started the ground work to this ten pound charity project. I am collecting books to donate and I also plan to volunteer and read to the children. I believe children, especially under privileged children can learn that there is adventure and beauty outside of the four walls they reside in. Books take you far away when you are unable to do so physically, and will inspire when you are old enough to adventure out on your own. The best education and escape can be found in a great book. 

I am off for now, it is the weekend and it is going to be 80 today.  I was supposed to volunteer with Two Hands, To Cans this morning but my co-worker who I was going to ride with had to work this morning, and it is farther than I thought it distance. This is not one of my chosen weight loss charities, just another chance to give back and help the community. I am trying not only to help my chosen charities, but give a little of myself through extra volunteer work here and there.  Two Hands, To Cans has opportunities for volunteering  weekly so I will have another chance to assist their wonderful organization.

I have not driven in years because of fear, and maybe, just maybe, once I tackle all of my other goals I may have to get over that and drive again. It is in my thoughts and one day I might just go for it and leave my fears in the dust. After all I  have decided to be fearless, so this I will have to work on in the not so distant future. 
Fear is the antithesis of everything I stand for.

Love and Light

Friday, March 14, 2014


Good Morning to all and a very Happy Friday. Today my friend and I at work bring in little surprises to kick off the weekend. We call it Surprise Friday. He usually brings me in something a little decadent and I portion it out over the weekend and share it with James. Tomorrow is weigh in and I am in my sixth day of my gluten free experiment and I will see how it reflects on the scale Saturday morning. I met someone at Trader Joe's last night, and he was explaining to me all about gluten free and the many products that are now available. It was inspiring to listen to him and learn. I got the best compliment from one of the regular staff, he said I look like I am glowing. It is nice to get progress compliments, it keeps me going.

Yesterday was my Thursday workout with Mike my trainer. It really packed a punch and was a lot of fun. We did a circuit. First I had to use these long ropes and work my arms, and then we did some boxing, and then planking and push ups and then I had to run and do it over again in a fast manner. The boxing took a little instruction, and I now have my own pink boxing gloves. I kind of hit like a girl, but my kick packs more of a punch. It was fun, and it is interesting how it reminds me of choreography although it is a lot harder and more awkward to master. We are going to be boxing every other week I think, and you can feel the full body workout this gives, plus you can beat out your frustrations and worries on the punching bag. 

Working out in the park is like childhood play in a way, there are dogs everywhere and of course they love to come up and visit us. This little white one is such a lover, he kisses me on the face every week. His owner told us he is to be in a movie soon. I adore animals so I am right in my element. We were working out and the funniest thing happened out of the blue. Mike tells me he tore his pants from behind, and not a little tear but all the way down. It was hysterical and he mentioned he thought he was getting a bit of a draft back there. He ran to his car and changed and was no worse for wear, and he was not embarrassed in the least. It reminded me of a lesson in life my sister Dona told me. There is no embarrassment unless you let yourself feel embarrassed. I have worked out that one for years.  

Now every time I fall flat on my face in public I stand up, shake myself off and walk in a confident manner with no thought of what people think. We have control over our emotions, negative and positive. I have had some major embarrassing moments in my life. I went on a date with this guy once. He picked me up in his brand new Mercedes. He took me to the state fair and fed me cotton candy and we rode all of the rides. On the way home you can imagine how cotton candy and twirly rides affected me. I got sick all over his brand new car. Oh, he never called again. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful Friday, full of lots of surprises and no embarrassment. 
Love and Light to all

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Rough waters, calm seas, I weather the storms and wait for the sun.

Good Morning to all. Thursday is here, and for me yesterday was such a long day. Happy the weekend is almost upon us. Tuesday I worked out with my trainer Mike, and I am surprised I am so sore. We did not seem to do anything out of the ordinary, I was a little fatigued and he admitted to being low energy himself. That happens from time to time. I am doing a gluten free experiment this week, and I have noticed my concentration is a bit off. Today I will make sure to eat enough, especially before my workout tonight with Mike. I am getting so much better at doing push ups, such a milestone for me.

I am also so happy I can now do dancer's pose in yoga. This is a fitness milestone for me. Before I could not even reach behind me and touch my toes. I am very flexible forward but reaching back not so much. I have come a long way though, and my quads are really starting to open up and be more flexible. 

Off for now. I am a little sleepy. Love and light to all and Happy Thursday.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I finally can do dancer's pose, that beautiful pose in yoga. I may not have perfected it yet but I am able to do it. It is a fitness and flexibility milestone for me, before I could not even grab my foot behind me. I was so excited I did it at work for a few co-workers/friends. My one friend said how much he loves my enthusiasm and how excited I get about all of the hard work that I have been doing. That got me thinking, it has been almost nine months. I have been diligent and patient and I am so happy where I am and where I am going. I am only half way to my goals but I am climbing that ladder to the top, and nothing will stop me. I am very grateful.

Workout tonight with Mike my trainer. Off for now, the morning is slipping by and work beckons. Love and light to all.

Monday, March 10, 2014


I am in love with this tree

When I woke up today it was still a bit dark, and that made me feel groggier than usual. It is day 10 of the Melissa Bender Fitness 30 day challenge to exercise every day of the month, and I have done so each and every day. I think I can shake off this sleepiness and tackle my work and workout today. I am remembering to eat more, and I believe this will all help me attain my goals.

Yesterday I walked four miles, and I did yoga and worked on my hip openers and quad stretches. I also worked on my push ups. My husband James commented how dedicated I have been for these last nine months, and how impressed he is.  I can now do Dancer's Pose but I need a lot of work with it, but I can do it. This summer I am going to commemorate my journey with my wonderful friend Xiomara who happens to be a talented photographer, we are going to take yoga photos all around Los Angeles. I am not ready for this yet, but it is on my bucket list.

Happy Monday to all

I wrote this on a winter day in NYC waiting for the train, back in 2009.
Wishing you love and light that warms all of your seasons


It's another monotonous morning,

birds are chirping, but spring

has hardly paid a call or visit.

I drink my hot coffee, gripping

the cup like it holds liquid gold.

Fatigue sets in, mentally, physically;

a rat races inside my head.

I am emotionally, physically

drained from running mundane

marathons to empty destinations.

I imagine a kiss, a zealous kiss

that would bring summer

to my wintry body and soul.

Instead I sip, caffeinated tepid cafe;

and long for lips that scald,

daydreaming of a moment

that could warm all of my seasons. 

(c) Rose Bruno Bailey

Sunday, March 9, 2014


I had a pizza cheat day, and it was awesome. We went to Bruno's Pizza and Italian Restaurant in Santa Monica. I feel if I do have a cheat day it needs to be somewhere that feels unique. I come alive when I am near water, always have. The pizza was simply delicious.

After nine months I have this, I trust myself to deviate just a little and get right back on program. I did not go overboard and I ate until I was full. After I walked for over six miles, and did a work out when I returned home. I made sure to drink tons of water, and it was just one cheat meal and not a cheat day.

I am still doing the 30 day challenge. Today is day nine and I am heading out in a bit for some cardio. I am really working on my push ups and my burpees, and I am almost in full dancers pose. These milestones mean as much to me as seeing a decline on the scale.

I am almost 169, such a great feeling since I was once pushing 210. I feel amazing in mind and body and I feel like I can take on the whole universe.

Love and Light to all.
Namaste and Happy Sunday

Saturday, March 8, 2014


I lost two more pounds. I am now 171. I am knocking on the 160's and so excited. I do not know when I weighed in the 160's last, probably 2005. Focusing on my fitness but the scale does make me smile from time to time. 

Tonight I am having a little pizza, I have decided to have one small and controlled cheat meal a week. I am so diligent, and I think I need to lighten up just a bit. I am still doing the 30 day challenge, today is day 8 of  Melissa Bender Fitness 30 Day Challenge. I am exercising every single day of the month. No rest days.  I am really working on my push ups and my burpees to improve. I am getting stronger and loving the ride. I am so grateful for the support network I have. I could not go at it alone, no one can. No man is an island.

I cannot hide my enthusiasm for life and living. Hope you have a wonderful Saturday full of bright sunshine and lots of smiles.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Beginner Burpees

Done for today

Burpees are very hard for me because of knee issues and in the beginning I could not do them at all. I have improved and I am doing them, although I am slow and I do not get too low in my push up. My trainer Mike and I are working on them, and I am getting stronger. Practice will make perfect and I will conquer the dreaded burpee. I practice daily and my push ups are getting better as well. 

This is me now, and in the future we will make more videos to compare as I get stronger at my burpees. I am always better version of myself than I was yesterday. I am never giving up, it just gets better each day as long as I continue to try.




I don't believe you have to be better than everybody else. I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be.

Good Morning to all. Today is Thursday, and day six on Melissa Bender Fitness 30 day Challenge to exercise for every day out of the month. I am on it, no skipping. My ankle feels a bit tender, but a brace is helping me stabilize it. I am so grateful to Melissa. Not only is she an amazing best friend, but one on my main inspirations in life. I am so proud of her.

Tonight is my workout with my trainer Mike. I am trying to go further in my yoga and in my strength. I am focusing on the fitness and not the scale, but I have to admit I cannot wait until I get in the 160's. I am so so close. I have signed up for my first 5k, Run Seal Beach and I am signing up for Aerial classes at the Cirque School in Hollywood. I am knocking two things off my fitness bucket list. Life is an adventure and I am in competition with myself. 

Thursday my trainer Mike and I did a video of me doing burpees, and we are doing a redo tonight and I am going to post it. It is not instructional, merely me doing burpees to show my improvement in a month or so. They are not great, but in the beginning I could not do them at all. I wish I had video of that, or maybe not. Funny how you can really look like you have lost weight in still photos but video, that is another beast. I am doing it though, I promised no fear.

I am busy coming up. I am volunteering next week with Two Hands, Two Cans, and working on my book drive. Training, yoga, and James and I are heading to Arizona at the end of the month. This Month is already moving too quickly for my liking.  I am excited to see one of my dear friends Ally and to see Phoenix for the first time. 

Off for now, I need to give these Siamese cats a little attention. They make it so difficult to leave. Love and Light.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Melissa Bender Fitness: 30 Day Challenge: Day 5: Yoga Stretch and Recover

I work on pigeon in yoga and with my trainer Mike so this is perfect for me.

Melissa Bender Fitness: 30 Day Challenge: Day 5: Yoga Stretch and Recover: Hi Everyone! Welcome to Day 5 of the 30 Day Challenge! It's a yoga day! Time to stretch out all of those muscles and get rid of...


Good Morning to all. I am up and raring to go. Today is day 5 of Melissa Bender Fitness challenge to work out for all 30 days of the month. It is keeping me pumped and motivated. After work I will be at it, no rest for the weary. My ankle only seems to bother me when I am barefoot, so I am watching it and wearing a ankle brace for support. Reminding myself to eat enough, and keeping up with my daily doses of inspiration and motivation. I am half way to my goal and loving my new lifestyle.

Yesterday was my Tuesday workout with Mike my trainer. It was a great one, he used these long ropes and those are not easy to maneuver but I do everything no matter how awkward I may appear. 
As I improve things get harder, a higher step up, more lunges etc. We did a burpee video but I fell so we are doing it again tomorrow. I know I am not perfect but I can do better than that. It was an awesome workout and I am constantly grateful to Mike for his time, expertise, and patience with me. My body and mind are evolving, and I could not be happier.

There were dogs everywhere and of course they interrupted us and came over to say hello and give me lots of kisses. Nothing like getting your endorphins up through exercise and then laughing hysterically at a pack of dogs wanting you to play with them instead of working out. I almost died when I decided I could burpee in the grass without the mat and my hand was christened by one of the precious pups in the form of something that did not smell like dirt. I could not stop  laughing, and I told Mike I am now officially an outdoor girl. If you go back to my first post back in July when we worked out for the first time I was appalled he wanted me to"get dirty" and crawl in the dirt. Now I am laughing and totally at ease with the outdoors, the dirt, and well the dooggy doo doo I washed off and was no worse for wear. I was old recently by my husbands friend who has lived on both coasts that I am as Californian as the sun. This east coast girl has traded her steel skyscrapers for towering trees reaching for the sun.

I am in love with life, and the older I get the more I feel this connection. It can be overwhelming at times to feel everything but I am happy because this is where my creativity comes from, this is where my number one muse lives.  My enthusiasm is overflowing, and I am forever grateful. Wishing you love and light.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Inspired by the beauty of timeless trees

Good Morning to all. I am up and tired, My Siamese cats were in rare form last night. Nothing that a little caffeine cannot fix. It is day 4 of the Melissa Bender Fitness 30 day challenge, to exercise for all thirty days. I have been doing her workout videos along with everything else I am doing, I wanted to raise the bar so to speak and this should really help me gain strength. I already feel like it is working, to be stronger in my workouts with my Trainer Mike and to improve in all of the exercises we do. I mentally feel the results.

Tonight after work I workout with Mike, and I believe we are videotaping me doing burpees today or Thursday. I am not instructing, only showing where I am now. We will do more videos in the future to show my progress. My burpees have improved since the beginning, but I do have a ways to go. I am so up for the challenge.

Today I faced a few morning challenges, and this is how I met them head on.

Woke up tired, friend bought me a muffin. I only ate a quarter of it. No deprivation but portion control.
My ankle feels a tiny bit strained. I am wearing an ankle brace and listening to my body as I work out.
I am tired, the cats were playing all night. I am having some coffee and mentally telling myself I am awake and raring to go.

Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday. 
Love and Light

Monday, March 3, 2014


Sweaty after cardio and I did day two. On track with my goals. 

Good morning to all. I am  little off kilter, I woke up and thought it was Sunday and not Monday. Thank goodness for an alarm clock.

Off to work, then I am doing day three of the Thirty Day Challenge from Melissa Bender Fitness. I am stepping up my game. 30 days of exercise, every day.

Have a wonderful Monday and chase down your dreams the way you would chase a lover. Love your life, and make it happen.



Melissa Bender Fitness: 30 Day Challenge: Day 3: 20 Minute Arms & Abs HIIT...: Hi Everyone! Welcome to day 3 of the New 30 Day Challenge ! Today's workout is focused on strengthening and toning your abs a...

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Melissa suggested I take after workout photos. James took this yesterday after day one of 30 day challenge.

Happy Sunday to all. It is day two of the Melissa Bender Fitness 30 day challenge that I am taking part of. On days I do not work out with my trainer Mike I am doing her amazing videos, and I will exercise for all 30 days of this month. I felt it was time to take it up a notch, and not get too comfortable. She is not only a fitness dynamo but my best friend and I owe her so much. I will be checking in daily at

Here is the link to day two of her 30 day challenge. I am so in.

So today I am going to go on a long walk, stretch and do this video. If it rains more I will be doing the treadmill and of course my burpees. Mike and I are making a video of me doing burpees this week. I have improved but still have a long way to perfection but I will do them and post the video to show progress. No embarrassment or fear.

I am collecting books for my book Drive for Reading to Kids. I will do a long post about them and the wonderful impact they have on the community here in Los Angeles. I am about 6 pounds from my next 10 pound milestone. 

Off for now. Happy Sunday to all.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Melissa Bender Fitness: 30 Day Challenge: Day 1-Full Body

Melissa Bender Fitness: 30 Day Challenge: Day 1-Full Body: Hi Everyone! Welcome to Day 1 of the New 30 Day Challenge! I loved the last 30 Day Challenge  so much that I had to do another one.  ...

Adding this to my workouts, joining the 30 day challenge. Starting today, I will check in with Melissa Bender Fitness later tonight.

Spring Awakening, March forward.



Good morning to all and Happy first day of March. I had an off day yesterday, it is that time of the month and I was in a rare crabby mood. Mike my trainer had to reschedule which was fine with me since I was not feeling great to begin with. I skipped my own workout as well. It was raining cats and dogs and did a little wallowing in my woes, something I never do. James my husband thinks it is strange when I am cranky, since my personality is on the opposite spectrum of crankiness. I blame hormones. My day at work was off too, and my friend  and co-worker brought me in another kale drink.  He even noticed how off I was and I realized once again I need to eat more. I totally blanked out at work, and it was good I got out early.

Today is a new day, new weekend and a new Month. I have been going at this since July 2013 and I am so happy and grateful for my results and the support I have in my corner. I am also humbled I can do a little and give back by helping others. With that said, I am human and once in a blue moon I will have off days. Days, not weekend, weeks, or months. I nip the bad mood in the bud and now I am back to my jovial self. Ready to take on the universe once again. The clouds always part revealing the radiance of the saffron wonder above.

So, I weighed in and even with my monthly water weight I lost 1 lb and I will take it.  Weight is at 173 lbs and I am so close to the 160's. I feel light and less bloated today. I am going to begin this month by journaling my food, and not skipping meals. I am going to do my 25 burpees a day and make sure I am getting my yoga and cardio in five to six days a week. I work out with my trainer Mike 2 days a week, and I am going to do the first thing on my fitness bucket list. My book drive is underway for kids, and I will write about that more later. This is my plan, and I got this.

Happy March, Spring Awakening is here
Love and Light