Monday, September 30, 2013


Good Monday Morning to all. I am up just a little bit earlier than usual, I have decided to wake up about a half hour earlier and walk for 30 to 45 minutes on the treadmill before work to give me just a little extra edge. I am still going to do all of the things I have been doing, but I think this may speed my metabolism up each day. I am going to do this Monday through Friday, before blogging and work. I would love to one day go to one of the early morning yoga classes at Yogaworks, but right now 6:30 is just too early for me and my schedule.

Next Monday October 7th, 2013 I will be marking my first ten pound loss by joining Mel and The Monday Night Mission in their beautiful work, feeding the residents at Skid Row. I am now at 13 pounds, but this has taken some planning. I work at a restaurant called Seasons 52 and they have offered to order food for the cause, and it has taken a few weeks to plan. I will write a complete separate post all about my first charity and all of those involved. Mike my trainer and friend is joining me, as is his girlfriend Maria and maybe some other friends as well. I really look forward to this humbling experience, and hope to help at least once a month as a regular volunteer.

Off for now, coffee and breakfast and then off to work. I wish you a beautiful last day of September. Love and light to all.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


My wonderful friend back east messaged me recently, she was listening to the late great Mama Cass singing the song Dream a Little Dream of Me; she thought of me since it is one of my favorite songs to sing. I played it and sang along, the melody takes you to a far off place where everything you visualize is possible. I love The Mama's and the Papa's and I am now "California Dreaming."

Following the path of love and light.

That made me start thinking about our dreams; the dreams we have for our future, the visions we have as we sleep. After all this blog is about achieving personal goals of fitness and making a difference in society, basically making these elusive dreams a reality.  Have you ever had an idea in a dream, and woke up and made the midnight imagination come to fruition? I did that just recently with an idea I had in a dream. Dreams sometimes hold clues and messages, the key is to be able to retain the information and decipher the code. Listening and hearing is always important in life, whether asleep or awake. You just have to be aware and follow the messages that are sent from your slumber.

I listen always, and I have become very intuitive of late, it is actually uncanny how in tune I have been recently. I think this project is making me more aware of everything around me. I love the meditation portion of my yoga classes. I am finding peace in mind and changing my form for the better, and making a difference with each new charity I volunteer with. Next week is the Monday Night Mission. I am really looking forward to my first ten pound milestone, and marking it by helping feed the residents of Skid Row. Talk about taking the E out of Ego. This will be a humbling experience and I welcome that. After my first time volunteering with The Monday Night Mission I hope to return at least once a month and be a regular volunteer. Love and light from my dreamy California home to yours. 
No one can sing this song like Mama Cass, enjoy!!

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Good Morning to all and Happy Saturday. I am headed to the beach, a late start since my husband James got in late from the Dodgers game last night. I am in a reflective mood today, so this post will be definitely short and sweet. When I feel like this I usually write poetry, but I have not had the alone time to do so, so maybe I will do a little scribbling at the beach. I am a dreamer, my head is always in the clouds so the beach may be perfect for my mood.

I have discovered a new autumn snack obsession. I love mixing real canned pumpkin with fat free sugar free Greek yogurt and a bit of cinnamon. I found a decadent substitution for the pumpkin, but you have to be diligent about the portion size, this stuff is really dangerous. Trader Joe's now has pumpkin cream cheese, and two tablespoons is only 70 calories and 5 grams a fat. Mix those two tablespoons in your fat free Greek yogurt and boom you almost have pumpkin cheesecake. It is amazing but make sure you measure, this stuff is addictive. I love it, since I have not allowed myself a cheat day yet these little substitutions get me through. A little bit with jam on a whole wheat English muffin and tea is a lovely treat too.

Off to Malibu, wishing everyone a bright and beautiful weekend. Love and Light from my west coast home to yours. 

Friday, September 27, 2013


Rosie the Riveter

Good Morning and Happy Friday to all. I woke up looking for inspiration for my day and I found it the minute I signed on.  I just saw a story about Eleanor Otto on NBC, she was one of the original female workers during World War II during the "Rosie the Riveter" campaign. Eleanor is now 93 years old and still on the job in Long Beach California working for Boeing. She wakes up at 4 am daily, smiles, gets her coffee and is on her way. She loves working and said she will not be set out to pasture. 

Here is Eleanor's story via NBC, this brought me to tears.  Today I am totally inspired and will not stop, and my family and friends call me Rosie.  Age is irrelevant and it will never slow me down. I want to visit the Rosie the Riveter Park in Long Beach soon. Inspiration granted because I was looking for it. "Ask and it is Given, Seek and You Shall Find".

Yoga tonight after work. I love life.

Love and light

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Stormy loved to travel, here she is in Delaware at the Bailey Home.

Good Morning to all. It is Thursday and I am so happy it is almost the weekend. I am really sore today. Tuesday I worked out with Mike, my trainer and friend and the new workout left me  really sore. I had a Vinyasa Yoga class last night with Nicole, and I am even more sore this morning. Sore in a good way mind you, but I may need to purchase some Epsom salts to soothe. Tonight I am taking either a Vinyasa class at Yogaworks, or a Inyegar class. It depends when I get there and how I feel. The Inyegar class is very challenging but slower, and may be a good fit since my muscles feel fatigued.

Off for today, this post is short and sweet. I am sleepy this week and a bit over emotional for some reason. My cat Stormy that passed away last January has been on my mind a lot. I was in the pet store and all of a sudden I was reminded of that horrid week, and other reminders hit me as the day progressed. It is strange how you go through your daily life and all of a sudden something from the past hits you and you are transported to that time and place immediately. I am a very emotional creature, so I choose to feel whatever comes my way, but then I find it necessary to block it out a bit so I can get on with everything I need to accomplish. I cannot believe it has already been eight months since we lost her. She was family and will forever be missed yet remembered.

Wishing you a beautiful Thursday
Love and Light

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Good Morning to all. I am so sleepy today, and I am so happy it is Wednesday. The weekend is almost here, we are almost over the hump. My little rascals were in rare form this morning, so my sleep was really compromised last night. I had to lock both cats out of the room, but of course Spanky howls loud and I had to let him back in. I adore my cats but they really love to mess with our sleep. I think they think we are their  personal play things.

Yesterday I did a new workout with Mike my trainer and friend. He had these cords you put on a tree and then you use the resistance of your own body weight.I love working out in the park, I get the fresh breeze on my face and I am surrounded by trees.  The workout was really challenging which is good, I can see this new feature to my workout is going to really work. My body is really changing and I am so happy and grateful. I am stronger, fitter and I weigh less. I cannot weight to see my weight get in the 170's. I am so close. 

I got to meet Mike's lovely girlfriend Maria and three precious dogs. I love dogs, we just have cats since it is a bit more convenient for us. Cats are a handful but they do not need walking. One day we will get a dog too. I would take in all animals if I could. I think it may be time I visit the animal shelter again.

Tonight is my weekly yoga class over at Pink Iron with Nicole. I love her Nicole and her class. It is not until 7:00 so it gives me time after work to figure out dinner and relax a little. I am off for now, I am so sleepy I can hardly function. Coffee, yes coffee is definitely needed today and not just for the taste. Today I need that bolt of energy from caffeine.

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday.
Love and Light always,

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Good Morning and Happy Tuesday. I am off to work soon, then my work out with Mike later this evening. My husband James is working from home today, and yesterday I took a day to be here for the building mortgage inspector. I wish that was today, then I could have my whole afternoon with him as he works. He is very happy today. His Baseball Team The Pittsburgh Pirates made it into the Playoffs for the first time in over twenty years. I am very happy for him, he can enjoy his day off and I will get on with my second cup of coffee and my busy day.

Ok, so let's cut to the chase. Weigh in Tuesday. I gained .5 today. Just a half of a pound, and I knew it because the time of the month. That is not so bad, but it is funny how you know you did not lose, even though you did not do anything to gain. No splurges yet, just Mother Nature letting me know this is not always a walk in one of her glorious parks.

I did have a few non weight milestones this weekend. I bought a jean jacket about six months ago, and even though I have worn it, it has never closed or buttoned. This weekend we went to the beach and it was chilly, so I put it on and I was so surprised to see it close and button fully. Another milestone, I was looking at my shoulders. I have small shoulders, and they have always been rounded. Not anymore, they are now a little square and they even out my figure. I am so happy to see my body changing with the workouts and yoga. My husband went even as far to say I am getting petite. I am only 5'2 so I need to be smaller for my size. I have still a ways to go but these little things keep me pushing. Plus I am so much stronger and healthier. Yesterday the manager at Trader Joe's told me I look glowing, that is the icing on the cake.

In less than two weeks we will go down to join The Monday Night Mission. I look forward to my first ten pound charity. I will write a long post on what we will be doing there exactly when I find a bit more time. I am humbled by the work The Monday Night Mission does weekly, and I am honored to join them.

Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday. It will be a hot one here in Southern California.Love and Light.

Monday, September 23, 2013


Good Monday Morning and Happy Autumn to all. I have the whole day off today, I have to stay home to be here for the building inspector. They are coming by, and if no one his home they plan to come inside anyway. I have cats that can get out, so I must stay home between the hours of 11-4. Looks like I will catch up on my reading.

My husband and I had a great weekend. We went to Malibu this weekend to walk and get some fresh air. I believe being outdoors often is crucial to happiness and well being. The beach was cold, so we went to Malibu Bluff State Park. I was so happy, I brought a jean jacket that never fit, and now it buttons. We decided to snap some photos to document my weight loss so far. I was being silly and hugging the trees. If anyone knows me, I have this California Tree obsession.

Yoga yesterday with Nicole was awesome. My hamstrings are opening up, we did the leg up against the wall stretch and it was much easier this time. I have yoga again this week at Yogaworks. I practice 4-5 times a week and I love it. I know in a few months my practice will really begin to open and expand.

I have picked Monday October 7th 2013 to go down and join the Monday Night Mission to feed the residents of skid row. This is my first ten pound weight loss charity.  I am going to write all about what we are doing in a future post when I have a bit more time. My friend and trainer Mike is accompanying me because he loves to help people, and anyone of my co-workers and friends are also welcome to join us as well. The more help for the cause the better. 

I wish you a beautiful first Monday of Autumn. Get out there and jump in some leaves, or treat yourself to a Pumpkin Spice Latte', skim of course. Just because it is Monday does not mean you cannot enjoy life. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Saturday, September 21, 2013


My evenings have been very busy with yoga and working out, and walking for an hour a day. I do not always have time to cook daily like I did before, so I look for meals that can last more than a day. I love to cook one pot soups, especially as autumn approaches. One of my favorite go to soups is my Mom's Vegetarian Split Pea. It is a pot of delicious healthy soup, and so simple you could probably cook it in your sleep. You can add whatever extra vegetables you like to the soup, to make it your own. It is high in protein and fiber and low in fat. I do not puree' it, I like the texture in its natural state. I love to have a few crackers with it, it warms me up from the inside out. 

This recipe first came to me from my lovely Mother, for years when I lived in Cleveland, Ohio I was a vegetarian and she would whip up meals for me that would work for my lifestyle. This is one I have learned and adapted as my own, one of many. I am blessed to have such an amazing Mother and teacher, and my husband reaps the benefits as well. 
Love and light

You will need

I bag dried split peas
2 carton of low sodium vegetable broth
1 Mirepoix mix from Trader Joe's ( Chopped up celery, carrots, and onions) If you cannot find Mirepoix mix use one medium onion, 5 celery stalks, and 5 carrots, chopped.
Garlic cloves, I use 5 chopped
Sea Salt 
Ground pepper
dried basil
2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

This is really the easiest soup.

Warm the extra virgin oil for a few seconds in a large pot. Add the Mirepoix mix and the garlic and saute' until translucent. I like mine cooked so I saute' mine for at least five minutes. I flavor the veggies with a bit of sea salt, a generous does of ground pepper and basil. You can add whatever vegetables you like. Sometimes I add kale to my soup.

After the veggies cook, I add the 2 cartons of vegetarian broth, the whole bag of split peas, and I bring it to a boil.

Season it a bit more, and cover and bring the temperature to low and simmer for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Boom, you have soup. It is that easy. Serve with crackers or some warmed whole grain bread from the oven. I skip the bread since I am working so hard on my My Change For a Ten weight loss and I may not be able to have just one slice.
This soup lasts only two days in my house, because my husband eats three bowls at a time.:-)

Friday, September 20, 2013


Good Morning and a Happy Friday to all. I love Friday's, since moving to Los Angeles both my husband James and I do not work weekends. On Saturday's we go on mini adventures. California is an amazing place to explore and discover. Today it is completely overcast, which feels totally like Autumn, without the cold temperatures you get back east.

Yesterday I took my second Iyengar Yoga class, which is slow and you hold the poses much longer than a Vinyasa class. It helps you work on your poses and correct alignment. It is not an easy class, and you must engage your mind body connection. Tonight I am taking a Vinyasa class. I am practicing yoga five times a week now, and I can already feel my practice opening up. It is a fantastic feeling to work hard and feel the results. Daily yoga is my new lifestyle.

I am off for now. I think I need a second cup of coffee before I get moving and begin my day. I wish everyone a beautiful day and weekend.

Love and Light

Thursday, September 19, 2013


I woke up with my usual pleasant demeanor, a little sore from my yoga and work out with Mike. I thought I would share my weekly workout and yoga routine.

Yoga 5 days a week
Working out with my trainer and friend Mike, 1 day a week for now
Walking 5 days a week
I have been incorporating beginning jogging as much as I can
I keep it flexible and sometimes change it up a bit. 

I may add Ballet classes, and other things as I progress more. I take the Richard Simmons Slimmons classes on occasion. They are so motivating and fun.  I am trying to really work on my yoga practice so I will return to his classes sometime in the near future. I believe my yoga practice will really open up by doing it almost daily. I am now an official yogi.

My eating plan is pretty much just eating healthy with lots of vegetables, and I am keeping a food journal. I sometimes do not eat enough and I can use to eat a bit more protein. I am a work in progress. I am not making any food off limits but I do not indulge usually. The time will come when I will get cravings, and I will deal with it then. In the meantime I am just eating clean with an occasional piece of dark chocolate from See's Candies. Coffee is my non negotiable. I love it, and not because I need the caffeine. I actually just love the taste. So every morning as I blog I brew.

This is what I am doing, and I work from ten to three Monday through Friday so I work out and take yoga in the early evenings and I blog first thing in the morning. I live for Saturday's, that is our fun day. 

Love and Light to all

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Good Morning and a Happy Wednesday to all. I am fighting a headache that started last night, I think it may be allergy related because I have a lot of pressure in my eyes. It made for challenging yoga practice but I made it through. I try not to ever take medications but I may break down today and take some ibuprofen. I also allowed myself to get dehydrated before class, a big no no.

The Helipad class on the top of the hotel was cancelled. I was so disappointed. I really was looking forward to that experience. It may be rescheduled one more time before the season ends, so I am not sure I will be able to make it this season. I decided to turn my attitude around and myself in the direction of Yogaworks in West Hollywood and take a Vinyasa class instead. One thing I am learning, you can find your peaceful place and zen wherever you are. It is a state of mind. If something does not work out, just turn it around and make 
something new work out instead. You have reign over your thoughts, and they are more powerful than you think.  My disappointment was there, but I decided to let it go and move forward in the direction of my usual yoga class. There was no way I would throw in the towel and head home with a bad attitude dragging behind me. Bad attitudes only weigh you down.

Today is my  weekly workout with my friend and trainer Mike. I hope this headache goes away so I can be at my best. I do not and will not slow down. I think practicing yoga three to five days a week will help me progress in my workouts with Mike, working out with Mike will help me in my yoga practice. I am only getting stronger.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day. To quote my adorable Mother, I am closing now. That is how she lets you know she is signing off the computer. Too cute for words.

Love and Light

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Good Morning and Happy Tuesday. Tonight I am attending the yoga class on the Helipad at the InterContinental Hotel in Century City with the whole city as my backdrop. I am really excited to do yoga in the sky and I will try to get photos. Such an amazing opportunity to do yoga with such a spectacular view.

I weighed myself this morning and I am happy to say this week I lost three pounds. My weight is now 184 pounds. I am really excited to see such a drop in my weight. I know all successes are not determined by weight, but it is nice to see the scale go down. My total weight loss is now 13 pounds since I started this project and 23 pounds since the beginning of the year. I have made my first ten pound goal and I will assist my first charity in two weeks.

We are joining the Monday Night Mission on September 30th. I have told the management where I work and they are ordering food. How amazing is that. I plan on bringing supplies to make sandwiches as well.  I look forward to giving back to those who need it most. I know this will be an emotional experience, and I hope to try to go back and help at least once or twice a month after the first time.

I am off for now. I wish everyone a beautiful Tuesday full of love and light.

Monday, September 16, 2013


Rooftop yoga | Photo courtesy of InterContinental Los Angeles, Facebook

Good Morning and a Happy Monday to all. I was reviewing my weekly workout routine and I may have to modify it so on Thursday so I can attend this amazing yoga class on a helipad at the InterContinental Hotel in Century City with a spectacular view of Los Angeles. What an amazing moment this will be. The class is being taught this week by Michael Stebbins.

Add this to my fitness bucket list. What an experience to be able to do yoga with such a backdrop. Classes are Thursday night after 6 pm, perfect for me and only $16.00. Wow, look at that view. I am speechless. I may have to skip my Iyengar class Thursday and get my zen on a rooftop.
Coffee time.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Happy Sunday to all. Yesterday my husband and I were on our way to the beach, driving up Sunset Boulevard when we were struck by a motorcycle. We were ok, he was ok, and his two little dogs on the back of the bike were fine as well. We got all the information and took care of the insurance part, and we were on our way to our beach outing in Malibu.

As I sat on that beautiful beach, one thing that came to mind for me. We were so lucky to be there. That could have been ugly but it was just a little damage to a machine. No one was hurt, the two dogs were totally oblivious to what had happened.  I did not look at it as bad luck we were hit, I looked at it as good luck no one was hurt. If I am given lemons, I will choose to take those lemons and make cookies to share with those who need a little sweetness in their life. Lemons can be transformed from sour to sweet with a loving touch.

That brings me to the subject of being an optimist. I am a self confessed optimist and I try to look at things from a different vantage point always. Life is not a given, so I am trying to soak up everything I can from it. I am human and sometimes I have off days, but this is how I try to live each and every day. When days are dark, I write melancholic poems and get on with it. I muse off the melancholy and get back to living my authentic life.

I am using this way of  looking at life as I continue on this project. It is not easy to get back in shape and lose weight, or to get back in the shape I was in when I was a dancer. It is not impossible though, it is just going to take a lot of time and a lot of effort. I love volunteering so matching up one of my life goals with one of my passions makes it all the more worth at the end of the day. I feel very fulfilled and humbled at the same time. I am enjoying the process as much as the results, and  I try to remember my gratitude for all those who grace my path each and every day.

Happy Sunday to all. I am off to brunch, and a yoga class late in the afternoon. One of the teachers at Yogaworks told me if I practice 3-5 times a week I will see huge differences as soon as six weeks. My body will completely open up in the poses. I love going as much as possible. It truly connects my mind and body as one. I am officially a yogi.

Love and Light

Saturday, September 14, 2013


I want to dive deep
Beneath salt waters,
Amongst sea creatures;
Wild waves enveloping rapid
Thoughts, cleansing my psyche
Awakened, renewed in blue
Coming up for air
Finding my calm self,
On the edge of a cliff
Lost in Mermaids Pose.
(C) Rose Bruno Bailey

Good morning and happy Saturday to all. I am up a little later than usual but early for a Saturday morning. We are headed to the beach today. We are packing a picnic and driving to one of Ventura's lovely coast lines.

I am going to walk in the sand as my workout today, and do all the other exercises as well. I may even do some burpees. I have a wonderful book to take along as well. Nothing like spending a day at the beach. For now I am reveling in some silence as I drink my coffee. Sometimes you just have to tune out all of the outside noise.

My yoga class yesterday at Yogaworks with Tom was amazing, I wore the little brace I bought for my ankle and I felt great, and Tom said I looked great. My ankle did not give me too many issues, and I felt secure as I transitioned from pose to pose. I am loving practicing at Yogaworks, and I plan on it three to five days a week. The class was a yogablend class, very similar to what I have done before. It was set to music, and a bit challenging at times but I think I kept up quite well. The ladies at the front desk are so helpful, and I appreciate all of their advice and expertise. They said my practice will really deepen quickly if I come that often, and that motivated me even more. I am off for now, still a bit sleepy and incoherent. Here is a poem I wrote back in 2005 after a day of swimming. It is short and simple but I think it captures the essence of the power water has over me. 



I dive in a pool of crystal clear waters,

My worries float away.

I gaze at the sapphire sky, the sun

Blazes brightly aboveme.

Clouds drift aimlessly

Making a myriad of shapes and sizes.

My wistful spirit is baptized,

I am consumed by this show of

Sky high fireworks;

Warming my soul and body.

Trees pirouette in the wind, a minuet

For weary eyes, I am taken away.

(c) Rose Bruno Bailey

Friday, September 13, 2013


Good Morning and Happy Friday. Yesterday I took my first Iyengar Yoga class at Yogaworks in West Hollywood.
 (Named after and developed by B. K. S. Iyengar, is a form of Hatha Yoga that has an emphasis on detail, precision and alignment in the performance of posture (asana) and breath control (pranayama). The development of strength, mobility and stability is gained through the asanas)

It was a wonderful class, and it really worked your body. It is much slower than Vinyasa but you really get deep in the poses, and learn what they do for your body. It is about connecting to your mind to your body, and getting in the pose first through your thought process. Mind and body together as one. The yoga teacher was amazing. I used to volunteer at City Yoga, where Yogaworks in West Hollywood is located, and coming to classes there in a way is like a homecoming. The  two spaces feel like sanctuary's to me, so much so I can imagine the building was once a church or temple.
The trees are right outside the beautiful open windows, and the breeze came in like a gentle nudge to remember to breathe. I can tell I am going to love practicing yoga at Yogaworks in West Hollywood. The management and staff are very friendly and thoughtful and they answer all of your questions. Anna from City Yoga is working there, and it was lovely to see her smiling face.

Afterwards I asked if I can take some photos of the space in the future, and I was granted permission to do so. I will post those at a future date. 
After class I walked home and watched the sun set these unreal hues of pink and purple. On the way home I stopped in a used book store to purchase a beach read for our outing Saturday, and oh what a find I discovered. It is all about this man who loses everything, and he decided to bike his way cross country. He meets some interesting souls on his new journey. I thought it was the perfect beach read, since I am on a journey of sorts myself. It is called The Memory of Running, a novel written by author Ron McLarty. 

When I left the bookstore all of the stars had appeared like a kaleidoscope for weary eyes. I wanted to go lay in the grass somewhere, and stargaze with the cool September breeze upon my surrendering body. I love to just lay down and look up at the marvel of the vast night sky. We truly are just a spec in this spectacular universe. There is so much more out there, it really puts everything into a clear perspective.

Well enough of my musings for the day. Coffee, breakfast and work await. Tonight I am either working out at the gym or walking and taking another yoga class. Tonight's class is set to music, that should be just delightful.
Wishing you a breathtaking Friday, full of all of those simple moments that make life grand.
Love and Light

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Good Morning and Happy Thursday to all. I cannot wait for the weekend, we are planning a day trip and picnic at one of the beaches in Ventura.  I am going to work out in the sand, burpees and all and walk on the beach. I may jog too. For now a bit of coffee will get me going this morning,  I swear it is like the elixir of the gods, I love coffee.

Yesterday I worked out with Mike my trainer and friend. We did a lot of upper body work because my ankle has been tender. I am purchasing an ankle brace, but I think it will be OK. We boxed, and I swear it must be a very funny sight to see me pack a punch.  He really is getting a great reputation at work, so I can see him building a very successful personal training business/boot camp classes in the future. He wants to up my intensity and I agree it is time, so I need to start working harder with my running and cardio. Yesterday I had my back turned to one of my friends at work and she came up to me and said she hardly recognized me, and how much smaller I look. Those compliments keep me going because sometimes I do not see it myself. I am very thankful for all of his help and expertise as I progress on this path of fitness. 

Yoga tonight at Yogaworks. I am taking one of two classes. I think I am taking the Iyengar class. (Named after and developed by B. K. S. Iyengar, is a form of Hatha Yoga that has an emphasis on detail, precision and alignment in the performance of posture (asana) and breath control (pranayama). The development of strength, mobility and stability is gained through the asanas)
I really want to expand and grow in my practice so my plan is to go to yoga three to five days a week. I will eventually add the ballet classes, and I am so close to doing so. I am going to set a weekly schedule and post it in the future. 

I hit my first ten pound mark, so I am setting the date this week to join the Monday Night Mission to help feed the hungry at skid row. I will know that date in a few days. I am really looking forward to giving back, and I just want to do more and more. Mike is also joining me, and I will see if anyone from work or my friends wishes to help out as well. It is very rewarding to volunteer, and it puts everything in life in perspective. I call it stepping outside of yourself and your own world. 

I wish everyone a beautiful Thursday
Love and Light

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Good Morning to all on this solemn day of remembrance. I have decided to take a break from blogging about my project out of honor and respect for those who we lost on 9-11-2001. 
To remember, to mourn, to never forget the victims of that terrible tragedy.  I am a poet without words today, speechless and silent. We are all connected at the core of our humanity, remembering our yesterdays yet wishing for a more peaceful tomorrow. 
Love and Light
Hope and Peace

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Good Morning and Happy Tuesday. I am up early, I have to leave an hour earlier today for a meeting at work. It is weigh in, and I can say with a sigh I lost another pound. I made the ten pound mark, my first milestone. My weight as of today is now 187 lbs. I will set the date later this week to go to help The Monday Night Mission. 

I am so excited, I know the weight loss seems slow but in November 2012 I was 207 lbs, and when I started my My Changed For A Ten I was 197 lbs, so to see myself getting smaller and seeing the scale reflect my hard work is so amazing to me, no matter how slow it is. I will take slow over never any day.

Today is Yoga and walking, my ankle is on the mend but I have been babying it. Tomorrow after work I am working out with my trainer and friend Mike. I have not worked out with him in two weeks so it is going to be hard but it totally is helping me change my form. 
Off for today, with a satisfied smile that I lost my first ten pounds.
Love and light.
I wish you all a beautiful day.

Monday, September 9, 2013


Good morning and a Happy Monday to all. I am teetering on the brink of  chaotic emotions lately. One moment my motivation is so high I could probably levitate, and the next I feel like this process is too slow and I am moving at the speed of a turtle. My ankle is an issue, it has been for weeks and I am trying to not make it worse. This gets me down because I want to be 100% at all times. Now that is a lofty dream to be 100% all of the time. We are human and our bodies sometimes feel discomfort and pain.  I am just trying to make it through without any major damage to any of my tendons. I am finally going to buy that ankle brace to give it some extra support, and the new shoes should help. 

Tomorrow is weigh in. I am hoping and wishing that I finally hit the ten pound mark. I am so close, nine pounds. This is a slow process but I must not beat myself up, the scale reflects my hard work even if it is slower than I expected. Yesterday my husband James and I were grocery shopping and he was looking at donuts, and it really made me want to just give in. I made it through the sugar temptation and today I can say I did not cave in.

I have a vision, and it is clear most of the time but sometimes when I am tired and fatigued that vision gets cloudy and spotty. I am trying not to lose sight of what I am doing, and each new day is a brand new start. I started off so strong, and I am just trying to keep up with my own pace and not give up on myself. I am counting on me. 

Hope you have a wonderful Monday.
Love and Light

Sunday, September 8, 2013


When we are born our first bout with individuality is when our parents bestow upon us the gift of a name. What is in a name? Does a name define who we are or how we are perceived by others?  What about those souls who are lost to their families, perhaps they ended up homeless and one day when their time was up they couldn't be identified? They are just as much a human as anyone else but because their "name" was not known they were coldly stamped John or Jane Doe. 

This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart and one of the reasons I have chosen to assist The Monday Night Mission on my My Change For A Ten project when I lose my first ten pounds. I am so close, at nine pounds at the moment. I am hoping to make the ten pound loss Tuesday and then I will set the date when I will visit and assist The Monday Night Mission.

Step into my worn shoes,
How would you feel?
When People walk by,
Forgetting you are real.
Beyond your reach,
The hopes of a warm meal;
Or a place to lay your head,
To let your weary body heal.
Your spirit is broken,
Yet your head held high;
Only to be ignored,
By oblivious eyes.
A face with no name,
Is what they see;
Unloved, forgotten,
Throughout society.
Such lonely solitude,
Unanswered prayers;
Hopelessness and sorrow,
But no one cares.
Who will miss you
When it’s your time to go?
Will anyone remember,
Your name is not John Doe.
© Rose Bruno Bailey

The name Rose has caused many a remark from people when they first meet me. Usually it is the standard " that is my great great grandmother's name;" thanks a lot pal, for making me feel ancient. Or sometimes it is the cheesy "oh Rose, the name of beauty, the flower, by some guy dripping in too many chains and men's cologne." When the movie Titanic premiered I got lots of "never let go Rose."  When I first met my husband he actually believed I gave him a fake name.

My husband and I bought a cooler, beach chairs and other things because we want to start having picnics at the beach. I know it is late in the season, but this is Southern California and we can picnic at the beach pretty much any time of the year. I was trying to figure out healthy sandwiches for me to take, that are not full of all the sodium that comes with cold cuts from a deli. This is what I thought would be the perfect beach sandwich for me and my healthy lifestyle.

That brings me to the origin of the Sandwich. It was named after John Montague, 4th Earl of Sandwich, he was  an 18th-century English aristocrat. Apparently he requested his valet bring him his meat inside two slices of bread. He was playing cards and wished not to get his hands greasy. Soon others followed suit requesting to have what Sandwich had.
Many sandwiches over the years have gained individual names of their own. The BLT, The French Dip, The Dagwood, The Club Sandwich to name a few.

This inspired me to make my favorite sandwich to take on my autumn picnics for my outings to the shore. Malibu breeze and a delicious light sandwich to feed my senses. I first had this unusual yet simple sandwich at my friend Marguerite's house back in Cleveland, Ohio. Marguerite was French,world traveled, sophisticated, and whimsical. She sliced a french baguette, and spread some Dijon mustard on both sides. Then she topped it off with thinly sliced green apples and sharp cheddar cheese. My version is a bit more gourmet, but in honour of my long lost friend.  I have decided to name it THE MARGUERITE. A whimsical, sophisticated sandwich with a french origin just like it's name sake.

You will need for one MARGUERITE

A  good french baguette or whole grain baguette

Extra virgin olive oil.

One green apple, sliced thin.

Brie cheese, enough to spread on both sides of the baguette. I use a small portion for mine.

Arugula, a generous handful

Toasted pecans( lightly spray cooking spray on a cookie sheet. Place pecans on sheet,and toast for five minutes in an oven set at 350 degrees for about five minutes). Just a few on mine, I have to watch portions.

Drizzle of balsamic vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil, and a teaspoon of a good Dijon mustard.

Drizzle olive oil on baguette and place on a cookie sheet in a pre-heated oven set at 400 degrees.Bake baguette for about ten minutes til crusty.

Spread Dijon on both sides of the baguette.

Spread a generous amount of brie on each side of the baguette.

Top brie with a handful of the toasted pecans, spread them in the brie so they are firm in the sandwich.

Place thin slices of apple on one side of the baguette in a uniform line.

Top it off with a generous handful of fresh arugula.

Drizzle balsamic vinegar on the arugula,and a bit of sea salt and ground pepper.You may wish to use a bit more olive oil, the choice is up to you. I think the olive oil on the baguette suffices but again individuality comes first. It is your Marguerite Sandwich.

Close tightly, slice in half, and enjoy this distinctive yet delish sandwich which is reminiscent of  walking barefoot in a field in Paris during springtime in a Monet painting.
Oh la la c'est marveilleux

Saturday, September 7, 2013


It is almost autumn, and cooking seems to go with the lush of the season. I am loving experimenting with vegetarian products even though I am not a vegetarian at the moment, and I have been converting some old stand byes. I was craving my Mother's Beef Stew and decided to personalize it vegetarian style.  With the help of Trader Joe's this is what I came up with, and it was amazing. My husband could not get enough of this cool weather dish. Served with warm whole grain rolls, this is a true stick to your ribs recipe and should please even the fussiest of eaters all while keeping it lower calorie, lower fat and of course low cholesterol. The sodium is a bit high from the beef-less strips so this is a healthy yet splurge item for me.

Try my stew and you will swear you are dining at your grandmother's house. Even though this is a vegetarian dish, it has all the components of those traditional home-made memories you remember from your childhood.  Enjoy, and remember cooking is much more fun when you do it for someone you love.
Love and Light

You will need:
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
2 bags mini potatoes
1 bag pearl onions
1 yellow onion, diced
1 bag baby carrots
1 bag crimini mushrooms
6 celery stalks, diced
1 head of garlic, chopped fine or pressed in a garlic press
2 packages Trader Joe's beef-less strips
1 box low sodium vegetable stock
1/2 cup Cabernet wine
vegetarian Worcestershire sauce, a few tablespoons
1 small can tomato paste
2 tablespoons cornstarch for thickening at the end
salt, pepper, dried basil

In a large pot heat extra virgin olive oil.

Add diced onions, celery, garlic, and mushrooms and saute' until soft and caramelized

Stir in 1 small can of tomato paste

add 1/2 cup red wine,3 tablespoons vegetarian Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, and basil. Mix well.

Add vegetarian beef-less strips and break up into smaller pieces, cooking for a few minutes so the veggie beef soaks up the flavor of the Worcestershire sauce, wine and vegetables.

Stir in 1 box vegetable stock, carrots, potatoes, pearl onions and mix well. Season with a bit more salt, pepper, and dried basil.

Depending on your tastes, you may wish to add a bit more of the Worcestershire sauce for flavor. I was heavy handed, but everyone is different.

Cook stew uncovered for 45 minutes over a medium heat, until the carrots and potatoes break apart with a fork. Stir frequently as your stew cooks.

After the stew is finished, add a few tablespoons of cornstarch for thickening, it should have a gravy consistency and be brown and rich in color.

Friday, September 6, 2013


Good Morning and Happy Friday. I posted this photo I took from The Lee Strasberg Studio because I must remind myself to stay focused and keep my eye on the work and not always the results. I waver from time to time, sometimes I feel like I have these moments when I am reminded how far I have to go and I get a little discouraged. This week is a weak week for me, I feel like I am off kilter, as I ice my sore ankle from yesterday's Richard Simmon's class. I actually ate a half of bagel yesterday, and I feel incredibly guilty about that.

It was great to be back in class mind you, and I met some wonderful new people. Richard was in top form and it was amazing. There is this young woman named Tori from Utah who comes all the way to take Richards classes, he is that inspiring. Tori and I will keep in touch via Facebook, the best way to keep up with new friends from afar. I also met a great couple who were a lot of fun, and of course saw a lot of the regulars who are fast becoming friends. The energy is always unreal, and a few really young girls told me they love my energy. If I could just bottle it up and keep it with me during moments like now when I am tinkering on the brink of self doubt. 

Francie and I went to out and I did not get home til around 11:40 which is very late for me since I wake up so early. It is Friday so I can cope with that but I am sleepy just the same. It is always great to chat with Francie, and we can talk for hours. She is a lovely human being and friend.

I am a few days closer to weigh in, and I am going to eat as clean as I can all weekend. Hopefully this ankle issue with subside soon, it is really lingering on. I wish everyone a fantastic Friday.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Good Morning, Happy Thursday to all. I am up early, making coffee and planning my workout routine for the next few days. My workout routine each week consists of my weekly Thursday classes at Slimmons with Richard Simmons but he was out of town for a few weeks. Today I can say he is back in Beverly Hills and I will be dancing to his retro aerobics tonight. I really need his electric dose of energy and motivation. I found myself slightly wavering this week, so it will be good to get back to his classes. Taking his class is a natural high, he is so high on life and I usually am too. His classes bring out the very best in me and inspire me to keep going. I am meeting my friend Francie from the Richard Simmons video afterwards, we have become fast friends and we are going out for chit chat and a little treat tonight. Mind you, a little treat, I am behaving myself.

My routine was adjusted, but that is fine. It works for me to try to have some sort of routine to guide me as I continue on my quest to get fit and lose weight. It as just as important for me to be flexible in my routine as things can change from week to week. I just have to imagine I am a sailboat, adjust my sails and continue to travel the vast ocean to my final destination and goals. Sometimes the seas will be rougher, and I just need to ride it out and make it there anyway I can. 

I went to Yoga last night with Nicole over at Pink Iron. I go to Yogaworks but I enjoy Nicole's classes so Wednesday is a permanent part of my routine. She is an amazing yoga teacher. We did a lot of shoulder openers, and it was fantastic. My flexibility is really coming back, my nose is almost to my knees in a forward fold.  It was very hot, and I was a bit tired but I did not falter nor did I give up. I am so dedicated and I will find a way to make my goals happen, one lap at a time. 

Wishing you a bright and beautiful Thursday full of natural highs.
Namaste' Love and Light

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


When you decide to dedicate yourself to a project, you can be assured a time will come when you are challenged. It is happening to me this week, minor challenges but they are testing my will and perseverance. I weighed myself Tuesday, and I stayed the same. I know I am losing and also shedding inches so I will not give up, I have lost weight and I am in a far better place than I was months ago. I am stronger and by stamina and energy are much greater. I am winning this battle and becoming a better, healthier version of myself.

That and a few other minor annoyances left me in a bit of a cranky mood as I started my day on Tuesday. My husband was a bit shocked, since I am rarely, ever crabby. My ankle is still a bit tender, and that has been really upsetting me. I have not been talking about it too much, and I have been working through it. I want to be 100% and when your body does not cooperate with your mind it can be a bit irritating. I have ordered new athletic shoes and new work shoes, I think that may be part of the problem.

Mike was not feeling well yesterday, so we did not work out together. I send him healing thoughts and hope he feels back to normal soon. He mentioned he wanted to work out today, so if he is well and able I will be doing my weekly workout with him this evening. If not, I will head down to YogaWorks and do some walking as well. 

I had a nightmare last night, one of those gut wrenching dreams that frighten you so much that when you finally wake up you are so relieved they are not a reality. I dreamed I was in Cleveland and all of a sudden the whole city was under some apocalyptic evacuation. All the residents were forced to gather in one location. I remember in my dream I was more concerned about making sure my family and pets was safe then I was about my own safety. This dream however disturbing put my silly little annoyances in there place. I woke up, and my family and pets are safe, so all is well with the world. 

My mother is the epitome of a survivor and her challenges were far greater than mere daily annoyances. She was such a stunning beauty as well, yet she never knew it. I get so much inspiration from her, her courage and way she looks life in the face. I should probably not say this here, but she cusses like a sailor and even though I never swear I love that quality about her, it makes her very human and very funny. 

Shout out to Shirley Bruno as I sign off. Life you wish to challenge me? In my Mother's style I will say confidently and with a little does of her humor, bring it on B!@#& !!!! :-)
Love and Light
My gorgeous Mother Shirley age 16  in the black bathing suit
Shirley my Mother in black again, with a friend and my eldest sister Dona as a child

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Good Morning and Happy Tuesday to all. I weighed in and I stayed the same. Still at 188 pounds. No worries, I know I have this and next week I will hit my ten pound milestone. Once I do it will be three weeks later when I join the Monday Night Mission to feed the homeless in skid row here in LA. I did everything this week right so I'm not concerned I stayed the same. I look smaller and I only have time to make my goals a reality.

Tonight is my workout with Mike my trainer and friend. Every week it is a little different, he mixes it up and I really get so much from the workouts. I'm very grateful to him for his time and expertise.  I think we may be video taping beginning burpees for Melissa Bender Fitness.

This post is short and sweet. The cat chewed the charger to the laptop so I'm forced to post from a Mobile for now. It will be a few days until I'm back online with a computer but I'm making it happen any way I can.
Wishing you a beautiful day.
Namaste' love and light

Monday, September 2, 2013


Happy Labor Day to all. I had to work a few hours today and I slept in too late too be able to post this morning, so this post is a bit late. I am really excited for my weigh in tomorrow, I am really starting to see the results and I know I have this. After work I went over to Lorna Jane, I love their workout clothes. They are just my style and as a reward to myself I am going to buy myself a hot pink workout outfit when I hit around 15 pounds. Their sizes seem to run a little small, and I think I am almost at the point when I can wear their large comfortably. 

Every time I go in Lorna Jane in Century City California Jessie greets me with a sincere smile and she always remembers who I am. She has been following my blog as well. I am a big fan of their colorful workout clothes and they are also reasonably priced, so that is an added bonus. I am drawn to the hot pink, turquoise, and neon orange. You can find them at their Facebook page. If you stop in the Century City CA location be sure to say hi to Jessie, she is truly genuine and will assist you with your needs for working out.  We snapped a few photos today, and next time it will be me in their workout clothes. Inspiration from colorful workout gear and the lovely ladies that work at Lorna Jane. 


With Jessie from Lorna Jane Century City CA

Love their workout clothes and colors

Getting the blue and pink in a few weeks