Saturday, August 10, 2013


Yesterday was Friday, and I woke up to a splitting headache which would not go away all day. I decided this week on Friday I would take my rest day. I was still sore and a little tired. To rest or not to rest, for me it is a bit of a frightening concept. From what I hear from people it can me important to let your muscles recover. So I chose to rest and now the headache is history. My potassium feels really low, my lips are twitching so I am downing a large coconut water. That should do the trick.  I tend to be low on potassium and I am assuming with all the work I am putting in I am definitely losing extra. I will make a point to tell my Dr since I may need a supplement.

I work this morning, just for a few hours and I cannot complain because I rarely work weekends. So Today I will do my speed walking in the evening. Tomorrow I am practicing yoga at class in the morning. I am actually still so sleepy this morning so this is a short and sweet post. Happy Weekend to all and do not forget to smile at the face of the sun. xo

Love and Light


  1. No rest for the weary, Rose! I needed a rest day too, honey...and no sooner parked my arse in front of the television for Shark Week:) Watching great white sharks snack on beach bathing beauties made me work up on appetite of my own, and I sucked down an entire canister of aerosol cheese while totally ravishing a row of Ritz Crackers. At least I got my calcium! Gotta go, sweetie, I have to scream out the window and cry into a pillow. Smooches!

  2. I love you Larry, and I miss how you make me laugh. xoxo