Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Happy Wednesday to all. I just read a quote from Dr Wayne Dyer, "One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day." I totally agree. I believe you can manifest the mood and direction of your day. I try to live by this and begin my day on a bright note. I have many reasons to be happy, and one of them is the opportunity to change my form, change my attitude, and change my life. I am honored I can assist charities along my journey. It is taking me forever to break my plateau but my book drive is still on for Reading to Kids when I finally lose another ten pounds. It will happen, and I am in a positive frame of mind. The little things, like my ThinkThin bar and coffee make me smile.

Yesterday was my first workout with my Trainer Mike in a week. I took off a few days of exercise to recuperate my muscles after my accidental 10K. I was sore and needed to rest, plus I was out of town. My workouts with Mike are awesome but always challenging, and yesterday I felt a little fatigued from lack of sleep and of course taking time off made everything seem more difficult. We did some new things, I lifted a sand bag and that was not easy. Running is on hold for a few weeks until my slight injuries heal, we do not want to take any chances. My girl push ups are great now, and I am also getting better at squats and the TRX exercises. I am definitely much stronger than I was late July of 2013. I am incredibly proud of myself, and thankful to Mike. I also have a lot of work to go, and I am far from done. I have a lot of fitness milestones to accomplish and my fitness bucket list to do. For the month of April I did the accidental 10K, so now I need to pick something for May. 

Off to get ready for work, than another workout with Mike later this evening. I will be sore tomorrow, it has not caught up to me yet. Love and Light to all. Think beautiful thoughts and have a beautiful day and do not forget to smile at a stranger today.


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