Wednesday, August 20, 2014


One with the angels, in the city of angels. Transcendence found through Yoga on a rooftop heli-pad with two lovely ladies.
I felt bad this photo was taken so quickly, my fingers are blocking her beautiful smile.
It reminded me of her third eye.

In yoga and meditation they often speak of the third eye. This photo was taken quickly with these two lovely ladies from Europe and unfortunately my hand is blocking her beautiful smile. It is interesting though, like my fingers are where her third eye is."The third eye meditation is a simple technique to focus the mind, increase concentration and improve mental clarity.'

Every once in a blue moon you have a moment that makes you feel like you have become one with the clouds above. That feeling of being completely and utterly alive, but at the same time out of your body and at peace with your muddled mind. Yesterday I had one of those experiences practicing yoga on top of the Intercontinental Hotel's rooftop heli-pad. It was something I have wanted to do since I read about it over one year ago when I began this project and blog. The class is only through Labor Day, and last year I was disappointed because I was too late. I finally remembered about it and took the chance to cross it off my fitness bucket list. 

Thank you Noah Christensen.

Noah and me, I am so grateful

The teacher Noah Christensen was amazing, he truly captures what yoga should represent, mind, body, and soul. He reminded everyone that yoga is a practice and not a performance. He also told everyone to set their intention on something positive, and everyone in the room shared their energies for one another's intentions. We are our thoughts, and we can invent our lives through how he think and feel.  His gentle yet thorough vinyasa class marinated with his soothing voice and the spectacular view of all of Los Angeles. In one corner you could see Hollywood and the Griffith Observatory and The Hollywood Sign, and in another your sight catches all of Downtown LA. In a back bend, you look up and see pristine clouds of ivory flitting past your air space. It was a surreal experience being one with nature and this amazing city of angels all while practicing the art of yoga.

Don't be afraid to turn your world upside down. This was my forward fold view.

I am so grateful I had this opportunity to revel in something that combined my love for yoga with my love of clouds and nature, with a view of this city I have fallen in love with. If you ever have a chance I recommend you take the class. Next Tuesday at 6:30 will be the last class of the summer. You will not be sorry and you will come out refreshed, renewed, and ready to linger in life with a little more serenity and appreciate for this elusive state of being we call life.
Los Angeles from my roof top vantage point

Love and Light

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