Monday, September 22, 2014


I think this is San Francisco. I will find this spot.
One of my goals, to take yoga pose photos
all over the bay area,

Good Morning to all. Today is Monday, yes again. I like to look at Monday's as a new beginning. I have a lot of new beginnings coming my way with my upcoming move to San Francisco. Finding an apartment is the most challenging step. Once we secure a place it will be full steam ahead.  I am trying to figure out when my last day of work should be. I have not put in my two weeks yet, but I need to soon.

I work today, and I plan on working out after. I am doing my Cardio and day two of Melissa Bender Fitness Bikini Competition workout series of month one. I may take a Les Mills Body Pump Class tonight if I get out of work in time.

I am so happy my gym membership for 24 Hour Fitness allows me to attend any 24 Hour Fitness. They are all over San Francisco.

So my plan for this week is:
Week one of  month one of Melissa Bender Bikini Competition Series. One Round to begin, 20 reps.
Cardio five to six days.
Body Pump Class two to three days.
Anything else I may squeeze in

I am going to try to keep my diet as clean as possible. I do allow myself a piece of dark chocolate if I want it. Just one, and I totally savor it. I love Trader Joe's.

Off for now. Soon I have to start cleaning, purging, and packing. Change comes on slow than runs you over.

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