Monday, September 29, 2014

MONDAY 9-29-2014

Good morning to all and a very Happy Monday. yesterday I switched my rest day of today and took it yesterday instead. So tonight I am doing Melissa Bender's Day 8 Fitness Transformation workout #2 in the first month of the three month series that she did to prep for her bikini competition. Here is a picture of me last December and now. I took a picture in the same wrap dress, but I pulled it much tighter to fit. I am going to lose another 40 lbs, but definitely 20 lbs. I now weigh 164 and I feel far from done yet proud at how far I have come. I use the sit down test. If I sit down and I feel like my belly spills out a little, I am not fit yet. On my way, but not there.

Melissa does some exercises in plank that requires you jump. I modify such exercises since I have a toe injury. I can plank, but not jump in plank on my toe. I make it through the routine and the rounds, I just adjust what she does to my own personal needs. I am finally seeing a Dr next week.

Moving is crazy, in weeks I will be in San Francisco. Working out has helped me keep my sanity. I am so excited to begin anew in another city. I love LA, and I absolutely adore the community of West Hollywood. Today was the day four years ago we moved from NYC to LA so this is all very bitter sweet for us. I must not compare though, I will embrace the city by the bay and all of the brand new opportunities. I am going to take this project to a new level.

Off for now. Love and light to all and a big thank you to my best friend Melissa Bender. She has been an amazing friend and we have not lived in the same city since 2005 when I left Pittsburgh PA for CT. She has taught me true friends are just a mere heartbeat away. A shout out to all of my loved ones near and far. I am all about the love.

Love and light

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