Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Good Morning to all and Happy Earth Day. I love nature more than ever since moving to southern California. There is nothing like a being amongst the trees and feeling a tepid breeze kiss your cheek. The ocean, the sand, the wind and the sound of the waves. I am completely in awe of nature and so grateful to have the opportunity to work out in the outdoors verses always being in a gym atmosphere. It makes me feel at one with the earth, at peace. I call it mobile meditation. Do not get me wrong, I love going to the gym but this is completely different and you tap into your mind and body and feed your soul as you are working out your body.

Tonight is my workout with my trainer Mike. I am completely grateful to him for introducing a whole new world to me. When I started this project my intention was to help charities as I lost weight, and I assumed I would get there by a little speed walking and dieting. Never in my wildest dreams did I assume I would do a 10K and plan the fitness goals I have on my bucket list. If you told me I would be doing burpees and pushups I would have told you that you are crazy. 

My other fitness motivator is Melissa Bender Fitness. has not only been a best friend but a huge inspiration to me and the masses. I am lucky to have such a fitness support network guiding me as I do whatever I tell this body I can do. A shout out to Mr. Richard Simmons as well, it is time I make a visit to his classes again. 

I am at awe of my friends old and new, and so grateful for the inspiration they grant me on a daily basis. I am overflowing with gratitude for all that have touched my life in one capacity or another.

You never know who you may turn out to be, and life sometimes takes turns in directions you never dreamed of going.
Happy Earth Day
Love and Light to all

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