Monday, April 21, 2014


Monday morning, you keep coming back with a vengeance but you do not frighten me. I actually look forward to you and revel in your newness. It is not only the beginning of my work week but also the beginning of my work out week, and I plan accordingly. I look forward to challenging myself and making my goals a reality starting with my Monday routine. So Monday, your bark is much louder than your bite. Bring it on Monday Monday, I trust you and you are just as good as Friday.

I worked out all weekend, trying to get back on track from being out of town in Phoenix. Tonight I will walk and workout and tomorrow is my work out with my trainer Mike. I am determined to get past anything that is holding me back, and I have cleaned up my eating habits once again. I gained two pounds last week, so I am doing a self access and forging forward with nothing but determination and positivity. 

A little note about injuries. I have been plagued by a slight foot injury which was made worse when I did the 10k, and then in Phoenix I tripped barefoot and stubbed my toe bad. I have been to lazy to make a podiatrist appointment so I went to the minute clinic at the local pharmacy and she said I have Plantar Fasciitis. 

I am not sure she is correct, but it is not serious and I am making efforts to heal my foot and toes. I am wearing an ankle brace, and as soon as FrontRunners opens near my house I am getting good running shoes. I am taking extra Magnesium and watching my Potassium and wrapping my toe when it hurts. A little ibuprofen goes a long way as well. Today the pain is much less, and I am still working out but passing on running until I have the new shoes and I feel it is completely healed. I am going to do another 10K soon with seasons 52. I am picking the item to do off my Fitness Bucket List  for May in the next few weeks.

Off for my day, my cats make me want to be lazy and stay in bed with them all morning. Love and Light to all.


  1. Feel better! You might benefit from some inserts for your shoes in the mean time, and do some stretching.

  2. Thank you Melissa. I have inserts but need better shoes.