Saturday, April 5, 2014


It's on. Run Seal Beach.

So many runners

Over 9 minute miles.


Almost there.

Motivation to keep going.

Just about finished.

Confused at this point.

Took a water and kept going.

Lovely scenery

Tree obsession continues

Starting to slow a little

Starting to question what happened

It is obvious now.

Doing an accidental 10K

Judy and Barbara told me I was on the 10K

Judy and Barbara making their way to beat their little sister to the finish line.

No way

Jonathan caught up with me and crossed the finish line again to accompany me

I got a congratulatory hug from Judy at the finish line.

Shane, me and Jonathan mocking my mistake.

Which one did I do?

Accidental 10K

It was  Rose thing to do. I tend to get lost.

Team Seasons 52, Shane, Christine, Jonathan, Caroline, Laura, Me, and Whitney

Group shot great people

I love Laura

Whitney, Christine, and Jonathan being silly

Silly fun

Whitney, Caroline with Christine and Jonathan in background

Fun Shane

Love Christine, we are going to practice yoga together.

Love this girl

Jonathan and I recreating the moment he ran with me through the finish line.


With Shane in Seal Beach tee shirts

Shane, Jonathan, Christine, and me. It's a wrap.

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