Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Today was fantastic, and I am so tired. I am uploading the photos from the Richard Simmons Video Shoot and I will post tomorrow all about it including the photos. It was a complete blast, I met some fantastic people and of course Mr Simmons himself, and I also met my twin. More on that later too.  I have my weight loss work cut out for me, but after today I am even more motivated. The energy today was unreal. I am completely inspired. 

Until then here are two of my full body before photos. Now sleep is calling me, I will tell all about my adventure raising the roof with Mr. Simmons tomorrow. Now I am just a little brain dead. 


  1. Even your before photos look great!

  2. Thanks so much but I see lots of improvement needed. You know how I hare full body photos, but this is part of this journey and I feel good about it. This is just the beginning.