Monday, July 8, 2013


I have been preparing for my journey to get to my first ten pound goal so I can sponsor my first charity, The Monday Night Mission.  This is not a lose weight quick scheme but a way to finally get fit, healthy and strong, and to lose weight in the process. I plan to do this the healthy way. I am so up for the challenge, except I did not expect to be playing dodge ball with one of life's cruel little ways of telling you not so fast kid. The dreaded sick curveball has hit me directly in the face with a somewhat subtle reminder on how important the health aspect of my journey is. Without your health you have nothing. The reminder of the importance of good health  has been stalking me since I found out a dear friend of mine was succumbing to cancer, and I am saddened to say is in his final hours. We  move so quickly through our days, running mundane marathons to empty destinations, often forgetting how fragile life is. Sometimes it takes a harsh reminder to wake us up to the fact we are only as good as our health, and everything else is just the icing on the cake; birthday cakes that is.

My sickness thank goodness is a minor one, some sort of infection. My sinuses are making it difficult to breathe and my lymph node under my right ear is so swollen I can hardly speak or make a sudden move. That little sucker hurts. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow, and I took  today off work so I can sleep it off. Needless to say, my first workout will not be today, neither will I be eating much since I do not have an appetite at all. The plan will have to wait a day or two until I am in the right frame of health to tackle my challenge. Just a minor league curveball if you ask me.

When I wake up from my most needed slumber, I plan to do a yoga sequence to also wake up my muscles. I am in contact with Yogaworks and I am joining this week, but since I am sick and at home I will do what I always do when I am at home; I follow my best friend's amazing videos. Today I will be doing a 25 minute yoga flow. You can access her fitness blog here.
She is not only my best friend but one of my life's inspirations. 

So to wrap it up I got sick. If anyone knows me I avoid doctors like I avoid sharks in shallow waters, and I always put off going. Tomorrow I promise to go, and most likely get some needed antibiotics that will send me speed walking down the pavement to better health and fitness. Then the real hard work can begin, when I am healthy and physically up for the challenge. In the meantime, rest, fluids, a good book and an easy yoga flow is on today's to do list.  Namaste' and good health to all.


  1. Feel better pretty lady! The doctor isn't your enemy. :)

  2. Thank you Melissa Bender. I have been resting and drinking tons of water and yes, doctor tomorrow. xo