Monday, October 21, 2013


Good Morning and Happy Monday. I am on my second cup of coffee, my Siamese cats have been wild since 4 am and I am so sleepy. I had my large class of water and lite breakfast, and I will be good to start my day in about an hour. I am so jealous my husband is working from home today, hoping I have a short day. 

Tomorrow is weigh in and I am close to 20 pounds. I have pushed my 20 pound charity to 30 pounds because it is going to take more planning, now I have to decide how I will mark the 20 pound goal. I do my charities a few pounds after I hit the weight milestone. so it will probably be around 25 pounds. I am currently brainstorming for an idea. 

I have started running, and I am excited about it. Mike had me running months ago, but then I had some type of ankle injury so we stopped all running. We started running again, and I am also doing some running on my own. I am determined to meet this challenge and excel and improve at my running. It will take some time to get better at this new challenge. Eventually I have to take the time to visit a running store to be fitted with proper shoes. My best friend Melissa Bender at Melissa Bender Fitness just ran in her first half marathon with her husband Jesse. Jesse placed first in his age of 25-29. My congratulations to both of them. I am inspired.

On another note, I am so happy my face is back to normal. My jaw stands out, and my face is no longer chubby. I feel like I look like myself again. It is such a good feeling to see the results of the hard work. I will be doing some updated proper photos to post soon, but here is a face photo of me this past weekend. 
Namaste' Love and light.

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