Saturday, May 10, 2014


Weigh in Saturday is here, and I lost one pound. I ate more chicken and eggs for dinner this week, and upped my cardio since I purchased new shoes. With my toe injury I was forced to buy new shoes and work shoes and it makes all of the difference in my workout performance. 

This week Mike and I did a whole cardio workout together, and we would stop and do burpees, plank, and squats. It was a challenge but with the shoes I held my own. We had a race to see who could hold a plank the longest, at three minutes I gave in. My toe was bothering me and I dropped. Now it is on, I am going to beat him at planking. The workout was a lot of fun and I look forward to doing more challenging workouts like that in the future. He said we have just begun, and I agree. The first year is just getting me fit enough to hold my own, now it is time to take it to new levels. I am ageless, fearless, and sometimes I actually feel weightless. 

I feel great and I am pondering the next items on my fitness bucket list and my fitness goals as well. It is a lot easier now with the shoes. I never realized how shoes make a difference in your sports performance. I am still buddy taping my toe and I may still go see a Dr. to make sure everything is ok, but I think I just have a bruised metatarsal. It hurts on the ball of my foot and my second toe joint. Taping relieves the pressure. Downloading music for further inspiration for my running.

Happy Saturday to all. Love and Light.

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