Saturday, May 17, 2014



Trapped in a golden shell,

Zero escape;

Nobody can tell,

My will has been raped.

Never-ending war,

Without a win;

Cuts me to my core,

Again, again.

Another day appears,

One more battle to fight;

Conquering endless fears,

Taking just one bite.

I admit to being a little frustrated that my weight loss has slowed down. I am holding steady at 169. I am focusing on fitness more than the numbers on the scale but I am human and I do get disappointed when I do everything right and the scale does not budge.

Do not get me wrong, I am very pleased with my results and happy where I am at the moment but I really wish I would have done my inches in the beginning. People who I see often in the neighborhood have mentioned my weight loss and asked if I work out so I know it shows in other ways besides the reflection of the scale. I also vowed I was going to focus on my fitness goals and that is true, but I am human and I would like to be successful on the scale as well as off.

Now that my toe is healing and I have new shoes I am going to up my cardio. I have signed up for The Color Run in June with some friends and that gives me something to work towards. I will do some other cardio besides running and walking. I am going to try cycle classes and swimming some laps but the bulk of my cardio will be running and speed walking.

Off for today. It is the weekend and I am hanging with my husband James, and getting a workout in of course. We leave for Las Vegas on Thursday so that will bring those out of town challenges. 

Love and Light to all,

Keep Moving Forward

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