Saturday, May 31, 2014


At The Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

Hello to all on this last day of May, 2014. I was away in Vegas last weekend, and this week I really watched my diet since I had a pizza splurge with real NYC pizza at Grimaldi's Pizza in Las Vegas. I am happy to say I only gained one pound. My trainer Mike and I have definitely decided to work on my fitness goals first and not dwell on the numbers quite as much, but I still have to watch and monitor it. I am doing the book drive as I type, and I have collected one bag of books so far for kids.

I admit this week to feeling a bit stuck. My friend reminded me not to lose focus, and her advice hit me like a ton of bricks. I am so motivated and inspired with my goals and my project, but some other things have been weighing on me. I am going to move forward and look for ways to make changes where they are needed.

Off for my weekend, this post is short and sweet today. Wishing everyone a beautiful day.
Love and Light

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