Saturday, January 4, 2014


I have done well, and I am proud but my husband and I were discussing that I am not even half way there. How do I sustain the momentum to get to where I am going. I still would like to lose 40 lbs more. Food has been a struggle and I feel like I am playing a tug of war with my thoughts about dieting. I decided to nip this feeling in the bud, reinvent my vision and start to do Weight Watchers online. I can attend occasional meetings, track my points and weigh myself in the privacy of my own home. My weigh in is now Saturday mornings, I think the perfect time to weigh in. Today my scale was not cooperating so I decided to be safe and add four pounds to my weight of 177, just in case I have put on a bit of water weight. So I tracked my starting weight at 181 lbs. I would rather error on the high side and work my way back down. During the holidays I did not watch my sodium, so that is why I feel I may have gained a bit of water weight.

I am motivated, it is a new year and I have brand new momentum. Reinventing my vision to get to where I want to go is necessary to keep it fresh and keep up the pace. I also love if I feel I need extra support I can attend a meeting. So my next charity will be in roughly 14 pounds or around 168 pounds.  That is my first goal. If I get the scale working today I may update this, if not I will go with the higher number I posted and purchase a new scale. I just felt the need to get this documented now.

Quick update, scale is working and my weight is 179. I gained two pounds only, and this is after two cups of coffee, 16 oz of water and breakfast. I am on track pretty much. So thrilled.

Wishing everyone a fresh new beginning as the 2014 begins. 
Rose Bruno Bailey

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