Monday, January 13, 2014


Flowers make me smile.

Good Morning to all on this Monday morning. I am happy the weather is going to go up to the 80's tomorrow. I work out outside and it is nice when I do not need a jacket. I am a little sleepy today, but my week will start strong. Today I will get a workout in on my own. On Tuesday's and Thursdays I will be working out with my trainer Mike and maybe Iyengar yoga after. I have a few personal errands I need to do today to get ready for my big weekend coming up.

Coffee now, I am sleepier than usual. I am so happy this week I lost 4 pounds, and I can really start to see my body returning slowly but surely to my once smaller self. It is an amazing feeling. I am now 175 lbs. I was 207 a year ago, and 197 when I started My Change For A Ten last late July. I have a work out shirt I bought that never felt like it fit right, and now it is perfect and hot pink.

Wishing everyone a Happy Monday. Love and light.

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