Saturday, January 11, 2014


This is where I go walking/running on my own.

Good Morning and happy weekend to all. I am in great spirits, I had two amazing workouts this week with my trainer Mike and I am back on track. This coming week will be a full week of workouts with Mike twice a week, plus workouts on my own and lots of yoga. I am slowly but surely getting back to my Monday-Friday routine.  Mike and I may change it to three days a week eventually but for now this works. I am sore this morning, and I  also worked six days so I decided to to stay in this morning and not attend a class at Slimmons. It is my one day to sleep in since I am going hiking Sunday Morning with a friend here in Hollywood. I just needed a day to sleep in til 10 am and hang out with my hubby and the kitties. I will attend another Saturday class in two weeks, since I will be in Santa Barbara next weekend which means updated photos. 

Today is my first weigh in on Weight Watchers online and I lost 4 lbs. I am so excited, I am now at my lowest weight since I began late July 2013, I now weigh 175 pounds. I am going to be getting my measurements done soon, and I regret skipping it in the beginning but I can still track my inches lost from this point on.

Today I am going to go walking and running and spend the day with James. I am working on my poetry book and just laying low and enjoying the simple moments of life. I often am told I am so spirited, I would like to give that credit to my amazing Mother Shirley. She is still I fireball and I adore that about her.

Happy Weekend,


  1. I am so proud of you!!! What you've already accomplished is so huge, and you are still in the middle of the journey. :)