Thursday, January 2, 2014


Good evening to all. I am on late tonight. I am back to the grind, and I will be in bed before 10:00 PM. I am happy to say my husband James has gone back to work and we can resume our normal routine. December was busy, and now it is time to get back to business.

I am starting with resuming my Monday through Friday routine of yoga and working out. I am also keeping a food journal again.I need to play a little catch up. I have a 5k in March, a charity to plan and my husband asked if I would be willing to go to Hawaii in February. Umm, who would say no to that question.

I am happy to say December was not a complete wash, I only cheated for two days, but I did eat a lot more sodium than usual. Today I am eating completely clean and low sodium. My stomach will thank me for this, since I have not felt well.

I am in the process of picking my charity for my next ten pound weight loss, and I have to put in the work to lose the weight.I am also trying to decide which item on my fitness bucket list to do this month. So much going on, sometimes I get overwhelmed but I will never forget the feeling of shopping for the first time in ages and not being reduced to tears.  Smaller size plus helping charities, this is a win win and the reason why I stay the course. I will not fail. It may take me time to get to my final destination, but the journey is one incredible joy ride.

Off for now, I need sleep since two Siamese cats will be torturing me around 4 am.
Love and Light
Sweet dreams

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