Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Good Morning and Happy Tuesday. I am up early, I have to leave an hour earlier today for a meeting at work. It is weigh in, and I can say with a sigh I lost another pound. I made the ten pound mark, my first milestone. My weight as of today is now 187 lbs. I will set the date later this week to go to help The Monday Night Mission. 

I am so excited, I know the weight loss seems slow but in November 2012 I was 207 lbs, and when I started my My Changed For A Ten I was 197 lbs, so to see myself getting smaller and seeing the scale reflect my hard work is so amazing to me, no matter how slow it is. I will take slow over never any day.

Today is Yoga and walking, my ankle is on the mend but I have been babying it. Tomorrow after work I am working out with my trainer and friend Mike. I have not worked out with him in two weeks so it is going to be hard but it totally is helping me change my form. 
Off for today, with a satisfied smile that I lost my first ten pounds.
Love and light.
I wish you all a beautiful day.

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