Friday, September 6, 2013


Good Morning and Happy Friday. I posted this photo I took from The Lee Strasberg Studio because I must remind myself to stay focused and keep my eye on the work and not always the results. I waver from time to time, sometimes I feel like I have these moments when I am reminded how far I have to go and I get a little discouraged. This week is a weak week for me, I feel like I am off kilter, as I ice my sore ankle from yesterday's Richard Simmon's class. I actually ate a half of bagel yesterday, and I feel incredibly guilty about that.

It was great to be back in class mind you, and I met some wonderful new people. Richard was in top form and it was amazing. There is this young woman named Tori from Utah who comes all the way to take Richards classes, he is that inspiring. Tori and I will keep in touch via Facebook, the best way to keep up with new friends from afar. I also met a great couple who were a lot of fun, and of course saw a lot of the regulars who are fast becoming friends. The energy is always unreal, and a few really young girls told me they love my energy. If I could just bottle it up and keep it with me during moments like now when I am tinkering on the brink of self doubt. 

Francie and I went to out and I did not get home til around 11:40 which is very late for me since I wake up so early. It is Friday so I can cope with that but I am sleepy just the same. It is always great to chat with Francie, and we can talk for hours. She is a lovely human being and friend.

I am a few days closer to weigh in, and I am going to eat as clean as I can all weekend. Hopefully this ankle issue with subside soon, it is really lingering on. I wish everyone a fantastic Friday.

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