Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Good Morning and Happy Tuesday to all. I weighed in and I stayed the same. Still at 188 pounds. No worries, I know I have this and next week I will hit my ten pound milestone. Once I do it will be three weeks later when I join the Monday Night Mission to feed the homeless in skid row here in LA. I did everything this week right so I'm not concerned I stayed the same. I look smaller and I only have time to make my goals a reality.

Tonight is my workout with Mike my trainer and friend. Every week it is a little different, he mixes it up and I really get so much from the workouts. I'm very grateful to him for his time and expertise.  I think we may be video taping beginning burpees for Melissa Bender Fitness.

This post is short and sweet. The cat chewed the charger to the laptop so I'm forced to post from a Mobile for now. It will be a few days until I'm back online with a computer but I'm making it happen any way I can.
Wishing you a beautiful day.
Namaste' love and light


  1. You have the right attitude!!! I am noticing a change through your photos!

  2. Thank you today is a challenge with the computer issue but I'm moving forward anyway.