Wednesday, September 4, 2013


When you decide to dedicate yourself to a project, you can be assured a time will come when you are challenged. It is happening to me this week, minor challenges but they are testing my will and perseverance. I weighed myself Tuesday, and I stayed the same. I know I am losing and also shedding inches so I will not give up, I have lost weight and I am in a far better place than I was months ago. I am stronger and by stamina and energy are much greater. I am winning this battle and becoming a better, healthier version of myself.

That and a few other minor annoyances left me in a bit of a cranky mood as I started my day on Tuesday. My husband was a bit shocked, since I am rarely, ever crabby. My ankle is still a bit tender, and that has been really upsetting me. I have not been talking about it too much, and I have been working through it. I want to be 100% and when your body does not cooperate with your mind it can be a bit irritating. I have ordered new athletic shoes and new work shoes, I think that may be part of the problem.

Mike was not feeling well yesterday, so we did not work out together. I send him healing thoughts and hope he feels back to normal soon. He mentioned he wanted to work out today, so if he is well and able I will be doing my weekly workout with him this evening. If not, I will head down to YogaWorks and do some walking as well. 

I had a nightmare last night, one of those gut wrenching dreams that frighten you so much that when you finally wake up you are so relieved they are not a reality. I dreamed I was in Cleveland and all of a sudden the whole city was under some apocalyptic evacuation. All the residents were forced to gather in one location. I remember in my dream I was more concerned about making sure my family and pets was safe then I was about my own safety. This dream however disturbing put my silly little annoyances in there place. I woke up, and my family and pets are safe, so all is well with the world. 

My mother is the epitome of a survivor and her challenges were far greater than mere daily annoyances. She was such a stunning beauty as well, yet she never knew it. I get so much inspiration from her, her courage and way she looks life in the face. I should probably not say this here, but she cusses like a sailor and even though I never swear I love that quality about her, it makes her very human and very funny. 

Shout out to Shirley Bruno as I sign off. Life you wish to challenge me? In my Mother's style I will say confidently and with a little does of her humor, bring it on B!@#& !!!! :-)
Love and Light
My gorgeous Mother Shirley age 16  in the black bathing suit
Shirley my Mother in black again, with a friend and my eldest sister Dona as a child

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