Saturday, September 14, 2013


I want to dive deep
Beneath salt waters,
Amongst sea creatures;
Wild waves enveloping rapid
Thoughts, cleansing my psyche
Awakened, renewed in blue
Coming up for air
Finding my calm self,
On the edge of a cliff
Lost in Mermaids Pose.
(C) Rose Bruno Bailey

Good morning and happy Saturday to all. I am up a little later than usual but early for a Saturday morning. We are headed to the beach today. We are packing a picnic and driving to one of Ventura's lovely coast lines.

I am going to walk in the sand as my workout today, and do all the other exercises as well. I may even do some burpees. I have a wonderful book to take along as well. Nothing like spending a day at the beach. For now I am reveling in some silence as I drink my coffee. Sometimes you just have to tune out all of the outside noise.

My yoga class yesterday at Yogaworks with Tom was amazing, I wore the little brace I bought for my ankle and I felt great, and Tom said I looked great. My ankle did not give me too many issues, and I felt secure as I transitioned from pose to pose. I am loving practicing at Yogaworks, and I plan on it three to five days a week. The class was a yogablend class, very similar to what I have done before. It was set to music, and a bit challenging at times but I think I kept up quite well. The ladies at the front desk are so helpful, and I appreciate all of their advice and expertise. They said my practice will really deepen quickly if I come that often, and that motivated me even more. I am off for now, still a bit sleepy and incoherent. Here is a poem I wrote back in 2005 after a day of swimming. It is short and simple but I think it captures the essence of the power water has over me. 



I dive in a pool of crystal clear waters,

My worries float away.

I gaze at the sapphire sky, the sun

Blazes brightly aboveme.

Clouds drift aimlessly

Making a myriad of shapes and sizes.

My wistful spirit is baptized,

I am consumed by this show of

Sky high fireworks;

Warming my soul and body.

Trees pirouette in the wind, a minuet

For weary eyes, I am taken away.

(c) Rose Bruno Bailey

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